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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fried Rice Variations

As I've mentioned earlier, I'm joining the Staccato band to perform on one festival. I will be playing a few songs. It's really challenging for me because I'm not too familiar with chords playing. Not only that, my timing is always bad. =( However, it's okay.. I am glad that they don't mind about it.. I'll do my best. =) I'm sure it's gonna be a splendid experience for me.

My roommate and housemate went to KL today. I'm expecting my squash racket to be home tonight. *excited*

I walked to church this morning because I was late for 5 minutes. =( Luckily, there was a very nice senior who offered me a ride after the service has ended. It took me about 20-25 minutes to walk from Pintu Timur to the church. lol. It's a.. great experience after all. Haha.. If I am not a person who sweat so easily, I think it's fine to walk. Treat it as exercise, no harm.

Here's some sharing of my recent cooking photos. Hehe.

My smiley face seaweed wrap fried rice. 
Smile - be happy always. 

I made the spring rolls myself. 
The filing contains of a mixture of chicken and pork meat. 
I also put in mushroom. 
To make myself eat things I don't eat normally, this is the way - 
stuff everything inside: carrot and ginger. 
It tastes good. 
I'm getting better as it goes.

I am not boasting. 
It really tastes awesome! 

Tomyam noodle 
DIY chicken burger meat that I seasoned myself too. 
Oil-less fried egg. 
Healthy delicious meal. 

Initially, it looked like this. 

Then, I found that there's still a lot of rice left. 
So, it became like this.

Lastly, it ended up looking like this. 
Little Minnie fried rice deco. 


  1. Haha really cool, and i like the healthy tom yam prep. what do you mean DIY burger meat??

    1. I marinated and fried the burger meat. In other words, it is not frozen Ramly meat at the store. =)