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Thursday, March 28, 2013

my life. . . . is not the end yet

Last weekend, I went to KL with my roommate. I felt really thankful to have this roommate who is always so concern about me. I felt so bad to use up her thesis time to listen to me while I'm feeling down. I'm really very thankful that I am not going through this hard moment alone. I still have a bunch of people who care about me to support me through it. I'd like to thank my Mom, especially for being so supportive and concern about me. I felt really touched and sorry at the same time for making her worried. I will be tough and learn how to overcome the obstacle myself. I will. =)

It was difficult to say that I had no feelings at all when I go to Times Square. In fact, that horrid memories nearly killed me on the spot at the LRT station. For a time being, I'll not make myself go there again, unless it's a compulsory. I am starting to believe that time will heal some wound. 

Some pain in life is unavoidable. Since I have experienced the cherry sweet moment, it's time to taste the opposite bitterness. All I need are just time and faith in God that I am not alone in going through this. I'll be tough. I'll be happy. I'll make myself happier than before because the next Mr. Right is waiting for me. =) 


I watched Ah Boys to Men 2 

It is Jack Neo's 20th movie. It's a 2 hours long movie. The cinema was fully occupied. I had to sit quite in front but luckily, it's not really that front as in the first row. It was a hilarious movie and some love advice inserted in it. The funniest part was how the gang of army boys plan a prank video to show a girl who dumped one of the army boys for a samseng kia.

I have always liked to watch movie. That's the only entertainment for me when I go to shopping malls. I think I'll still maintain this hobby. 

I bought a dress. I plan to wear it during Bali trip. *looking forward* Teeheee.. 

Guess what is this?
The little token given by the shop keeper after I placed my order.

I ordered this takoyaki ball. 
I can't remember what flavour I picked. 
It was one of the famous ones. 
Squid - filing. 

How cute the little box was. 

4 for RM 7/8. 
It was my dinner. 
It looks little but it does make me feel full. 

Photo snapping with my roommate. 
This photo was kind of dark when it was first taken.
I touched up the photo to make it looks brighter. 

And here's a solo picture of myself.
Perhaps, I should snap more photos of myself from now onward.
This blouse is a cheap one but I think it looks not bad. 
What do you think?

Fried dumplings.
I love how my fried egg looks like. 

I'm so busy with my life recently. I seriously have no time to pause down to cage myself in the sadness world again. I felt really very thankful and happy that I finally have a chance to join live band performance as a keyboardist. Haha. This is like a dream to me all these while.  I always envy people who can play in the church as a pianist. I always feel that it's impossible for me to do it. 

Thank God for giving me this opportunity. My housemate, Vicky recommended me and asked me to join along. Though I'm not really that competent like those experienced musicians in the band, I really enjoyed the whole process of it. I had only attend 2 practices so far and I really enjoyed them to the fullest. I really hope that I'll be able to perform on that day - May. 


Not only that, I recently picked up some new sports. I am beginning to learn how to play squash - a game that I never play before. My housemates love to play squash. I just join them along. I really had a lot of fun hitting the wall. 


Life is good. It's still blue and sunny everyday when I open up my eyes. God took away something and I believe that He'll certainly grant me something better in future. All  I need to do is just stay positive, keep improving myself and wait patiently for His plans on my life. 

Honour to the God who created this world, which is full of sins and evilness and willing to send His only son to the Earth to save the sinners. 


Not to forget to mention that yesterday was actually an unforgettable day that I think will make me smile after I graduate. After getting into the university, my life is nothing but 3 things: 
  • Studing
  • Dating
  • Working 
I actually went out with a bunch of TESL seniors and band members to mamak yesterday night after the practice. It was really fun. I never thought of this kind of lifestyle because I was staying in the hostel all these while. We need to be in the hostel at a specific time. Thus, no outing at mamak at night and no transportation, my life is dull. I'm glad that I meet some new people. They are really cool and hilarious people. I laughed a lot yesterday though I have to blurt something that hurts the wound in my heart. It's okay. Time will heal everything. I'll still have to face the truth one day. I can't lie to the world about something that has already happened. I just need to learn how to accept it and move on to achieve a better life.

Last of all - 

Happy studying for myself. I'm so busy thinking about what activities to teach and what teaching aids to use for my assignment. I find it so difficult but my roommate said I'm complicating it. She said it's easy but I seriously find it very difficult. Thus, here I am in the library, alone, at 8 pm (kinda scary) collecting various exercise books - studying how to create interesting activities. It's really not that easy as I thought all these while. Rawr... 


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