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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

I made these 2 bags for 2018 Teacher's Day gift exchange. One for my husband and one for mine. I took the white. He took red.

For the bag, I used this tutorial:

I made some mistakes when I'm sewing the inner. I noticed I need to make it bigger/wider than the bag. When it's made same size, it cannot fit that well. So, I have to cover it with embellishment. 

I used this tutorial for the flower: 

Size: small for this bag
3.5mm hook 
DK yarn : 5股牛奶棉 

For the bag, I used 厚棉 6mm hook 

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Baby Booties

Baby Booties

I modified this pattern. I find with a pompom, it looks soooo much better. It looks weird earlier. 
Maybe it's because I'm using a finer yarn. 
It'll look much more normal when it is done with the yarn recommended in the tutorial.

I doubled the stitches. Then for the cuffs, I crocheted around a few times. Added a pom-pom. 
Size 13 knitting needles
Green Golden Sun cotton yarn

Newborn Beanie

Newborn Beanie 

I couldn't remember the link but here's credit to where I got the pattern from:

I used:
size 13 circular knitting needles 
1 skein of Golden Sun cotton yarn (green) 
tapestry needle 

I basically doubled everything. So, instead of starting at 48 cast on stitches, I did 96. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Baby Mitten

The first pair of baby mitten - specially for my little beanie. I knitted this mitten with really fine cotton yarn. It took me 8 hours of a day to get it completed. It's all worth it though he/she may not be wearing it for long. I started off my baby project with this baby mitten. Then, followed up with baby jacket. I might do booties or beanie next. 

These are the materials I used: 
Fine cotton yarn (green) : 1 50g skein
Size 13 circular knitting needles 
Modification: I doubled all the stitches  

Due to the fact that the yarn is really fine and hence, it took really quite some time to knit until here.. 

The second mitten is done more delicately as the first one was meant as trial. I didn't expect it to turn out so well from first try. 

Important modification done: 
Though I used circular needles, it's made from metal. Hence I find it quite difficult to knit in the round. So, I knitted a big piece.. and then reduce the stitches at the beginning, middle and end. I also didn't knit a row after decreasing the stitches. When I was sewing the loosing yarn at the end, I simply weaved it to cover up any visible holes. 

Simple Baby Jacket

This is the first baby jacket I crocheted. And it's gonna be for my special little one who will be arriving in June 2018. Daddy and Mommy can't wait to see you but at the same time, Mommy is afraid of all kinds of odds (first time mama).

I referred to the above tutorial. These are the materials that I used: 
When I made the swatch, I got 6cm instead of 10cm. So, I knew that my end product will be smaller if I were to follow exactly the newborn size. So, I followed instructions for 12 months size. I wouldn't say my end product is exactly newborn size according to diagram. Overall it's the same except the neckline area is a little more narrow. It doesn't matter much if I don't button till the top. 

Neck edge: Follow 12 months size 
Body length: Follow newborn size 
Sleeves: Follow newborn size
However, I made some modifications because I don't like how it originally looks like according to the pattern (shapeless long log shape). So, I wanted the sleeves to look like from big to small. These are the modifications done:
Row 1 - 5: 32 dc
Row 6 - 8: 30 dc
Row 9 - 13: 28 dc  
Button band: Follow pattern exactly 
Buttonhole band: I crocheted one row of sc before I made the buttonholes row. I used 2 chains instead of 1 chain for buttonhole. 

Overall, this is a fairly simple project for beginners. I followed 70% of the tutorial from written instructions instead of depending on the video. It was a fun project, not to mention, super adorable mini jacket. 

Neck edge 

The body part 

End result 
There's supposed to be another button at the bottom but I felt it's unnecessary after sewing 4 buttons.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dual Height Step Stool For Kids


Having a kids stool at home which enables your child to climb to a higher position may seem unnecessary but it is surely useful if you have one. The problem is which one to buy. There are many choices available but today, I'm recommending this amazing product to all parents: Dual Height Step Stool For Kids

This product is designed especially for kids aged 1.5 years – 5 years old. It enables your child to climb to reach a higher position. A wise parent should train their child to be independent from young age as all habits are easily picked up when they are still young. This will make your life easier later on.

Try to imagine, how wise it would be to start training your child to climb the stool to brush teeth by themselves and learn the value of independence at the same time. Then slowly, they will adopt this value in carrying out their daily lives routine in the future. 

You might be wondering if it is sturdy enough for your child to climb on. The answer is definitely yes. Even an adult weighing 190 pounds (86 kilograms) has no problem climbing on the stool in a rough way. This stool is guaranteed stable and strong. You should not be worrying about your child falling off while standing on it.

Not only that, this stool has anti-slip property which makes it extra safe. Unlike some other cheap stools in the market, this stool doesn’t glide easily. This is an extremely important factor not to be ignored when choosing the right stool for your young ones.

It is a bonus to buy this stool because it is 2-step. This means that your child can reach different heights of surfaces. They are not limited to only one step. If you have taller and shorter children at home, this stool works like killing two birds with one stone.

With all the advantages that come with this stool, this is not the end yet. The service provided is exceptional. A guarantee of money returned 100% with no question is promised with every purchase.

They also provide a FREE ebook when purchasing the premium Dual Height Step Stool. It is an educational book which consists of colourful pictures and story to help your children to understand how to use the stool. 

Get one for your children today!

Official website:

Friday, May 19, 2017

Moon Water Clutch (Crochet)

Another clutch completed for Mommy to carry on my wedding in June. =)
I don't have much colour choices of yarn left..
I needed pink because her dress is in hot pink and black.
So, after digging my stash of yarn collection, then I found them.

Moon Water Clutch (Crochet) 

Used a magnet button and made the clutch looks even more elegant. 

I sew the inner cloth myself. 
I have a tutorial HERE

Lying flat on the ground. 
Inside has a cardboard, so the clutch can 'stand'

I always enjoy the crochet part and when it comes to sewing the inner bag and stuff, I will get lazy.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Crochet Puffed Star Stitch Clutch Wallet Purse

I have just completed a clutch for the teacher I picked for 2017 Teacher's Day gift exchange. I hope that Puan Mariam will like it.

I used her tutorial -  

This is not the first purse/bag that I made using her tutorial. It's always great. =) Thank you for being so generous to share all these wonderful and easily understood tutorials. 

I made using 5 ply milk cotton yarn. I used 1 and a half skeins of 50g yarn. The crochet hook size is 7/0 (4mm). This mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours. I love how pretty the colour is as a clutch. 

I spent one or two weeks on this clutch; on and off project due to busy wedding schedule. 

What I'm proud of is that I made the inside cardboard myself. I sellotaped two times per surface area to ensure it is hard enough. I initially wanted to laminate the calendar cardboard that I cut out according to the clutch pocket size; but later I think, it is not going to make much difference because the laminating film is kind of light either. 

It is sturdy enough, not the typical crochet soft and bending kind. 

I love the inside pocket cloth too. Coincidentally, yes, I'm not good at measurements usually.. I managed to get everything sized properly to fit nicely. I love hand sewing machine stitches though it is a slow and tedious process. I still cannot hand sew very neatly but this is the best that I can afford to do. 

I hope that she's gonna like it. I guess this clutch is going to worth more than RM15 (that's the minimum cost for per gift exchange).

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Miranda Scarf - Man's Knit Cable Scarf

Yayyy - I completed his scarf too. It is a little short compared to the my pink scarf.

It is called the Miranda Scarf, a wonderful design created by

I used 2 skeins of 200g thick cotton yarn. Dark grey. It'd be great if I have extra 100g of yarn. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yarn to complete the entire length. I had to stop at the end of 2 skeins of yarn.

Captured these photos using my Huawei P9. The photos really capture the details of the design intricately. I enjoy the entire process of making cable scarf. It is just so enjoyable and rewarding when touching this scarf. The 3D design is definitely worth the time and extra yarn usage.

3.75mm circular needles and my tension work really well with 200g thick cotton yarn.

I really love cable scarf very much.

I used 2 skeins of 200g yarn. 

Man's Sweater

I made this sweater for him. It's one of the projects for my coming Korea honeymoon trip. I hope the trip will proceed as planned.. =( I was told that they were still lacking of 4 people to confirm the tour.

I followed this tutorial:

I used 3.5mm crochet hook for the ribbing. It looks tighter and neater in my opinion. I decreased the number of rows because I initially thought the ribbing was too long. I was wrong. I should have followed the tutorial.

For the entire sweater, I used 4.5mm crochet hook.

The yarn used is 7 ply Tang Sheng cotton milk yarn.

I used approximately 7 skeins of yarn; 100g each.

It is definitely a thick and heavy garment. I believe it should be warm enough.. I didn't have him by my side when I crocheted this sweater. So, I used a polo T that he left behind, and eyeballed the measurement. He tried it on a few days ago. I forgot to take a photo. I'll update again.

I followed the smallest size of the tutorial. Everything in the tutorial is great to follow, except some parts where I feel there's a mistake. I decided to follow my instinct.

I took around 1 - 2 months if I'm not mistaken, to complete this sweater. Ended this project on 14 January 2017.

Flash light.
The back part.

The colours look more natural here.

The front piece, half way through

My sweater and scarf.. 
His is still in progress


Everything is great, except maybe it is a little stiff. 
That's why I dislike crochet garment.
I think knit garment looks much better because it is more malleable.