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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hackers Den


A young boy at the age of 6th Standard with great ambition wanted to show to his rival some “real tricks” surprisingly created a successful platform for him today. His name is Abishiekh Jain. He is the owner of Hackers Den page.

Hackers Den is a website created to satisfy the demand of visitors in wanting to read something interesting relating to technology. They have been very successful by achieving a few milestones throughout the journey. It was not easy at first but Abishiekh was determined to make his dream came true. He did not give up trying even though he met a few times of unpleasant experiences working with people who betrayed him.

Among the achievements that Hackers Den achieved are as listed below:
  • Started from 0 likes for their Facebook fanpage
  • Completed 500+ posts in a year time
  • Being promoted in a commercial in the USA radio
  • Getting compliments from two Youtube users named Bob and Karl

This young boy is ambitious and determined to be successful. He did not quit half way in spite of all the hurdles that he encountered. His spirit is worth complimenting of. With all his hard work throughout the years, he successfully recruited a group of people to work together under the Hackers Den website.

His page has high traffic record because of its content. He is diligent in posting great articles which people are enthusiastic and curious to know. One of the articles he has written is entitled “77 Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail to Save Your Time”. You can read this article from here:

These articles are knowledgeable and useful for many people. Not everyone knows how to use the Internet stuff the way it should be used. For example, I doubt many people realize that they can function the Gmail without a mouse.

His article is written in a simple layout which is reader friendly. Also, the information is relevant, updated and truthful. This is very important because some articles online are written unprofessionally whereby the content is not exactly true. Often, it is outdated and no one bothers to update it. This is very bad as it causes inconvenience to the readers.

The Hackers Den also plans a few great projects in the coming future. They want to promote technology to people by free so that people are more encouraged to get involved in technology. Below is the list of projects they are envisioning to take place soon:
  • Enigma E-learning site
  • TechStuffFree

Overall, the Hackers Den is a website created with passion and serious dedication from Abishiekh and his crews. Reading the stuff that they post is worth your time.


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