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Friday, March 18, 2016

Recycled 'Crystal' Plastic Bottle - Yarn Tutorial

Recycled 'Crystal' Plastic Bottle - Yarn Tutorial

  • 3/0 crochet hook (2.2mm) 
  • Minlon acrylic knitting yarn 
  • yarn needle 

1) Cut the bottom of the mineral bottle to approximately 5.5cm diameter. 

2) If you are using bottom bottle that looks like in the picture below, you should be able to get 20 holes.

3) In the first hole: Tie a knot to your string and slip stitch in the first hole (see picture 1). Chain 1 (see picture 2). 2 single crochets in the same hole (see picture 3).  

4) In the second hole: 3 double crochets. 

5) In the third hole: 3 double crochets. 

6) In the 4th hole: 2 single crochets 

7) In the 5th  hole: 2 single crochets 

8) In the 6th hole: 2 single crochets 

9) In the 7th hole: 3 double crochets 

10) In the 8th hole: 3 double crochets 

11) In the 9th hole: 2 single crochets 

12) In the 10th hole: 2single crochets 

13) In the 11th hole: 2 single crochets 

14) In the 12th hole: 3 double crochets 

15) In the 13th hole: 3 double crochets 

16) In the 14th hole: 2 single crochets 

17) In the 15th hole: 2 single crochets 

18) In the 16th hole: 2 single crochets 

19) In the 17th hole: 3 double crochets

20) In the 18th hole: 3 double crochets 

21) In the 19th hole: 2 single crochets

22) In the 20th hole: 2 single crochets 

* You  might find this confusing but once you get one done, you will know the pattern by heart. You do not have to refer to the steps above anymore. 

23) Slip stitch to the first chain made in the first hole. (see picture 10) 

24) Chain 1. Single crochet in every stitch until you reach the first double crochet stitch (see picture 12). 

25) Double crochet 2 times in the space between the two double crochets (see picture 14) 

26) Continue to single crochet in every stitch until you reach to the next 2 double crochets stitches. Repeat step 25. It's to make the edges. 

27) Repeat the single crochet and double crochet in the spaces steps until the entire round is completed. Slip stitch to the first chain made in step 24. 

28) You should have a granny square now with sharp edges (see picture 26). 

29) Weave in the extra yarn into the granny square. (see picture 27). 

30) You should now have a clean granny square (see picture 28).

31) Repeat the steps above to make the sufficient number of granny squares needed for your project.

31) Arrange the squares according to the pattern that you like. 

The above layout is to make the pencil box as shown below: 

There are different layouts: 

Another type of layout:

The crystal diamond bag layout: 

32) Start joining the squares starting from the middle square.  

33) Make sure the pattern of the water bottle bottoms are facing each other inwardly (see pictures 29 - 30) to make sure you get the correct pattern. 

34) Slip stitch in between the space of the two double crochets at the edge (see picture 31). 

35) Chain 1 (see picture 32).

36) Slip stitch the stitches combining two squares together until you reach the double crochets' space (see picture 34). 

37) When you reach the 2 double crochets space, slip stitch into the space. Chain 1. Join another square by joining the edge via the double crochet space. Basically the joining process is quite similar to joining traditional granny squares. 

38) You should get something like this. You will have to cut the yarn and continue a new yarn with the same joining process when you joined the last square. 

39) From the double crochet space, slip stitch and make 3 chains as seen in the picture below. 

40) Make double crochets across the entire round. In each double crochet space, make 1 double crochet. 

41) After you have completed the double crochet round, then make 3-4 rounds of single crochet round. Slip stitch to the third stitch of your starting 3 chains. Then chain 1, start to single crochet across. 

42) Weave in the remaining yarns. 

43) Sew on the zippers. 

44) Done.

I hope you enjoy making this crystal plastic bottle - yarn products. 


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