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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Adaconda is better than Google Adsense


When people think of making money online, they will think of Google Adsense. Some people with specific skills like graphics skill (photoshop) or SEO skill will work as freelancers at freelance websites. Most of the times for ordinary people who do not own any skills but are only good at writing blog posts (well, everybody can write as long as you go to school---) will choose Google Adsense or Nuffnang to make money.

I have just tried to sign up for Google Adsense lately. Unfortunately--- I got banned. Grrrr--- (unhappy)

Alright, now the question is… What should I do if I want to earn some extra pocket money through writing blogs?

Google Adsense? Nahhhh---- (Boooo! Thumb’s down!)

Lately, I’ve discovered a very cool website which works very much similar like Google Adsense. It’s called the Adaconda. Check out this link for their website: 

What’s good about it? It allows you to make income from personal blogs by serving ads. Sounds very much like Google Adsense? It’s a technology that maximizes a blogger’s clicks and earnings. WOW! Interesting. 

What does this website provide? They provide ad network service. To make things simple, they actually function just like Google Adsense and Nuffnang. I recommend you go for the Adaconda because Google Adsense is such a pain--- It always blocks people from signing up an account because they are inferior that there will be people who does dishonest clicking to the ads. Anyway--- I’m just not happy with Google Adsense because--- they turned my registration down. Tsk tsk---

So, if you happen to experience something similar to mine, I strongly recommend you to consider the Adaconda. It’s a fantastic alternative to earn side income from personal blogs just by serving ads. Simple, not much procedure/work and money flows easily itself whenever you receive clicks on the ads.

Sign up today!
Forget about Google Adsense (Grrr--)!

Do remember to stop by at their website to have a look!

Bloggers from all over the work unite. Let’s flood into the Adaconda today! ;)