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Friday, August 30, 2013

Spellbinder Season 2 - The Land of the Dragon Lord

Here comes the review for Spellbinder Season 2 - The Land of The Dragon Lord. I've finally finished watching it the day before yesterday -

Spellbinder Season 2
- The Land of The Dragon Lord (Sequel of the first season) 

I love Gwen - She's such a nice and pretty lady. 

Episode 1 - The Trans-Dimensional Bamboo Boat 

Episode 2 - Ashka 

Episode 3 - The Dragon Lord

Episode 4 - Oracle

Episode 5 - Marooned in a World of Monsters 

Episode 6 - Attack of The Thirty-Meter Warrior

Episode 7 - Josh, The Water Spirit

Episode 8 - Sun Becomes A Star

Episode 9 - Designation Day

Episode 10 - The Oracle is Dead

Episode 11 - The Only Child in The World

Episode 12 - Girl For Sale

Episode 13 - To Live Forever

Episode 14 - Barbarians at The Gate 

Episode 15 - The Best Laid Plans

Episode 16 - Graveyard of Machines

Episode 17 - The Haunter and The Haunting

Episode 18 - Stop The Moloch 

Episode 19 - Escape from The Palace

Episode 20 - Kathy Meets... Herself

Episode 21 - The Double Cross

Episode 22 - On The Trail

Episode 23 - The Two Joshes

Episode 24 - Who's Who?

Episode 25 - The Disappearing Act

Episode 26 - A Wedding Surprise

The Season 2 is totally different from the first because most of the casts have changed to a new batch of people. This decision actually upsets many viewers but to be fair to the casts from Season 2, I think they actually did not-bad. Usually, people would like the first season casts and tend to dislike the new people who enter in the second season. This is very common and I can understand that. We are so familiarize with the old casts and a sudden change to a batch of new people will definitely affect our interest in the show. Many condemned that the second season is not as great as the first season because of the absence of the main protagonist of Season 1 - Paul. Well, I think Kathy did a pretty good job in Season 2 and she deserves some compliments as well. 

Protagonist - Kathy, Mek, Josh, Sun, Carl, Vicky
Antagonist - Ashka, Sharak 

In Season 2, the distinctive difference is the fact that Kathy and Mek are able to travel to different worlds using the trans-dimensional bamboo boat. It works with a crystal ball acting as its energy source. It works something like the eye-stone in Season 1 but it cannot perform a walkie-talkie function like it. 

Many people commented that they want Josh to be away and replaced with Paul. One person commented on Youtube saying that she doesn't want a look-alike-fat-looking-Paul in the series. Haha. I laughed at her comment because I think it is hilarious. However, poor thing for Josh as he seems not appreciated much. 

Many people like Kathy because she is much polite with well manners compared to Paul who is hot-tempered. She is intelligent too. I love the part where she enters the childless world where she meets Gwen. I love Gwen. She is such a beautiful and nice lady. Thankfully she realizes that having a child by her side is a fantasy and decides to let her go back to where she should go. She is such a nice lady - I pity her when she makes such courageous decision to release her. I actually like to watch this part - where it's all robotic humans walking around and their clothes are pretty! I love English women's dresses. They are like gowns and really pretty in my opinion.Gwen and her husband, Lam deserve a big round of applause for their wise and generous decision.

I hate the Moloch world. It's so crazy and dangerous to have a battleship working on its own without human navigating in it. It shoots laser and I think it's crazy to live in that world. I like the ending of which the people from the other land of the Dragon Lord land moved to Jess's world. They are lack of neighbours and these people will be just nice to be able to increase the population of the people living in that world. I like how it is arranged this way.

The ending of Spellbinder Season 2 is acceptably fair because Ashka is left at a deserted world - It gives us a suspense for ever as no one knows what actually happen to Ashka with the power suit. They could probably make Season 3 as Ashka still has a power suit with her. Who knows what she can do with it to come back to disturb another family - Reynolds family at first and Morgan family second. She is a super duper evil but intelligent woman. It is fun watching her at times - It's hilarious to see how many people commented that they'd like to be her apprentice if she could be nice to them - Haha - Can you imagine yourself being Grevon then? I bet you will give that a second thought. Also, some said they want to marry Ashka because she is hot. Okay - hahah.. I'd never want to. 

Overall, the Spellbinder series end properly because everything is well explained and there is not much doubt left behind except for Ashka's part. She loves to rule and maybe leaving her at that world enables her to be the only ruler to the animals - It's quite a good idea too. She is probably living with some beasts creatures or maybe dinosaurs in that world. 

If there is a third season, I'd be happy but I don't think so because this show has ended long time ago - it's about 10+ years from now and I think they have put a nice full stop to it. There is not much update on any sequel of Season 2 on the Internet. So, no one actually knows what are the producer's thoughts about this. Everything nice has an end to it - And I guess that's how it goes for Spellbinder. 

I'm looking forward to watch another Australian science fiction family style series. It's called Ocean Girl. I haven't watched this before - I wonder will it be exciting as the Spellbinder. 


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