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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Public Bank Customer Service SUCKS!

. . . .  S T A T U S
Mood : BOILED!

Do you learn how to count 10 + 5 = 15 when you are first born?
Do you know how to write "A", "B" and "C" when you are only 1 year old?
Do you know that you're supposed to wear your underwear first before you put your shirt when nobody teaches you at the first place?


This same goes to,
Do you learn how to do internet banking when you have no exposure about this matter at all?
Do you know the functions of a VISA card when no experts in this field tell you?
Do you know how to transfer your funds from Paypal to local bank when all you have are just directions on the damn website?

You don't!

What is the use of a bank besides function as a place to store your money and give you interest?
Why they hire people to work at the counters?
Why there's a need of customer service at the front row?

The bank hires these people TO PROVIDE SERVICE for the clients!

Today, I'm so unlucky! People always compliment Public Bank customer support is the best. Today, I'm gonna tell you that based on MY experience, I think this statement is a total bullshit! Public Bank customer support sucks to the core! It's so lousy that I have never expected it will be.

Why I say so?

  1. I went there around 4.15 pm. Yes, bank closes at 4.30 pm. So? Does that mean you can just reject your responsibility from giving me guidance and assistance to my queries? I am here as a client of Public Bank and you, lady, you're just a customer support worker for Public Bank. Because of you, I categorise the whole Public Bank service is lousy! You should be the blame for everything. So long as I enter the bank before the bank closes, what makes you think that you can just ANYHOW entertain me and IGNORE my questions?? Your service sucks! L O U S Y! I wish I can tell you this right in front of your face!
  2. I am very much younger than this lady. True. She's like 40+ and I'm only in my early 20's. Despite the fact that I'm younger, does that mean you have the rights to talk to me like as though I deserve no respect? I seriously DO NOT like the way you talk. It makes me feel like you are not respecting me because the way you talk makes me feel you are bossy, arrogant and just not appropriate with the position you're holding- customer support! 
You think I know what Internet banking is when nobody has ever educated me before about this matter?
You think I know everything about bank and money like you, a person who is dealing with the bank all day and night?

I went to the bank because I want to INQUIRE information which I DON'T KNOW! How can you talk like as though you think I know everything? What's my purpose of being there when I already know those stuff? This is totally absurd! And I'm seriously very unhappy with this type of stupid service provided by Public Bank (Melaka Raya branch). I care not less and I WANT to write the branch name here. If I know her name, I will write it on here too! She's just NOT fit for her post. 

Have you ever seen any customer support rejects client's question?
By practically IGNORING my question and continues her blabbering?
Have you ever seen any customer support talks like as though they are so boastful and arrogant-- 
The moment when I recall the way she talks makes me feels like puking! 

I need to transfer funds. 
It's money!
It's MY money!
If I make any error in the process of transferring, 
will you bitch be the one to be responsible of my loss?

You simply do not understand why I am so anxious and angry.
I'm a totally zero in knowledge about this banking stuff--- 
I was expecting for a polite and informative service by Public Bank.
Today, I'm truly disappointed with their service. 
Giving you stuff without proper and polite explanation.
Is that how you people work?
Because the time is getting close to your work-off time, that's why you talk like as though I'm a nobody?
Because I'm young, you think you can ignore me like I'm not deserved to be respected like other clients?

This lady spoils the reputation of Public Bank. 
I wish I will never see her again-- 
I wish she will be fired. 
She simply sucks. 
She doesn't deserve to be a customer support worker. 
She is better off with jobs that do not require any communication with humans. 
She's IMPOLITE, RUDE and NOT informative. 

A N G R Y - - - - - - - !! 


  1. hello lydia. you can actually complain to that bank branch and say you want to file a complaint or file a complaint with bank negara and i am sure she will get a good scolding from the bank manager. but i would advice you to find out her name first.

    1. Sigh. The thing is-- I didn't manage to see her name-- = = // I was just too pissed off with such customer service that I received yesterday from a so-called the best customer service bank-- Public Bank. Uh--! The service is just no difference from the tepi gerai stall

  2. Why not you try to call their line, you'll be attended with a very unprofessional manner of answering a customer call!!! In rating of the 10 scales, I will give 3 to Public Bank customer service.

    1. Ha-- High 5. Unfortunately, you're one of the victims like me.. Public Bank provides the best service is a telling-lies tagline.. Sigh.. I'm just disappointed with their service because my expectation on them was very high..

  3. You can't judge a customer service of a company just by ONE person, you should judge, as a WHOLE. He/She might be incompetent in her job, therefore, not serving up to the service level, but if everybody in the company has the same attitude, then you can only say the company sucks.

    1. You have your point. I was blinded by anger when I wrote that post. However, the bank should be responsible of its workers' performance. From a consumer's point of view, I would say I reserve rights to make that selfish-one-sided-stand. From a rational person point of view, I will agree with you that the blame should not fall generally on Public Bank.

  4. Hi, i could only agree with you on a few things. I do understand how you felt and where you are coming from as a customer, myself.
    Unfortunately, you had a bad experience and the CSR didn't provide the services that you expected.
    The reason i disagree with you is because you only look at ONE person, not the whole bank. The percentage is so small.
    Public Bank is known for its service and only a few would disagree. The reason i say this is because you need to make a comparison amongst all the banks and you will find out. Some banks do provide better service in certain departments but in general, none is better than Public Bank.
    I had my own bad experiences in other banks, far worst than yours. Too much to elaborate.
    Finally, i can only suggest that you forgive the lady and try other branches. If you're still unsatisfied, compare it with other banks to be fair and then you will know.

    1. Well, I probably exaggerated my anger in the blog post above as I was really boiled at that moment. Still, so far I only have this bad manners problem with Public Bank. Perhaps, it's just me -

  5. I share Lydia's frustration. Pls proceed to Public Bank Kepong and you will know what is offered there. In Bahasa Malaysia, it's called "bodoh sombong".

    1. Thank for understanding how I feel. Chill. Haha. =)

  6. It is not just one person, most of them is behave like that, they service really got a big behaviour issues!

    1. I bet I'm not the only one who had this bad experience with Public Bank I suppose. Sigh. Human behaviours -

  7. Hi Lydia,

    I do agree with your experienced with Public Bank Melaka Raya Branch. I had almost the same experience like you today and they got hell from me. Frankly, there is something not right with this branch customer services. Many people in Melaka are aware about it, but the other older Public Bank Branch in Melaka have a better customer services attitude. The officers and counter staffs are more friendly, polite and flexible. Probably it all fall down on how these staffs are trained to service their customers and who trained them. As for my case, I am going to the higher authority to file a case with the bank and if you wish to know what transpired, please respond to my message. When I am free I will tell you the whole incident or probably you could ask around since melaka community is quite compact. Until than. Bye.

    1. I do hope that the higher authority will do something about this issue. I'm sorry to hear such experience of yours with the same branch of people there. Sigh.