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Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Hello peeps. Are you in the midst of finding what gift to give to your boyfriend, father, brother, male cousin or any male friends? I’ve something good to share with you guys. Before that, I’d like to tell you guys a little story about myself—

My current boyfriend is my first boyfriend and I faced a big problem 3 years back thinking of what to give him for his birthday. It’s not gonna look nice if I give him something which is not memorable as this is gonna be the first birthday I’m celebrating with him. Hence, I bought him a T-shirt, something that is useful and does not worn out easily. I was having a tough time thinking of which brand to purchase… Well, 3 years back when I had yet to come across this brand which I’m gonna recommend to you shortly---- FLATSEVEN.

FLATSEVEN is a garment company that sells mens designer slim fit casual and dress shirts collection. If you’re planning to give a shirt to a man, you probably don’t want him to wear a big and loose T-shirt that makes him looks very much older than his actual age. Slim fit casual shirts will probably suite most guys and make them look really cool and macho. This type of outfit is suitable for those who have slim or slimmer than normal body people. 

What’s Good About FLATSEVEN?
FLATSEVEN offers unique mens designer clothing which is stylish and updated. These slim fit stylish and trendy designs are widely acceptable by different status people. And the most important thing is that FLATSEVEN offers these clothes at a reasonable price. For example, you can easily get a Mens Slim Fit Leather Patched Oxford Casual Shirts Red for just $49.97!

Other Services FLATSEVEN Offers: 
They provide shipping worldwide directly from official online store/amazon UK, DE, FR/ebay store. No matter where you are, you will get to shop with them!

Why People Want To Buy FLATSEVEN's Product?
It’s because their garments are made of nice quality and stunning design. They can be beaten by any mens fashion brand.

Check Out:
Their Official Online Store:

My Views:
This company looks reliable for it’s a big company. You can rest assure that what you purchase will reach your doorstep. The clothes that they sell are really nice. They show samples on their website for you to see. In terms of payment, they support Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. I love shopping with Paypal. It gives me a secure feeling. So, what else are you still waiting? Start your shopping with FLATSEVEN!  Have fun!


  1. Cool Blog!!! Will definitely come back to you... Thanks for sharing

    1. =) You're welcome. Glad that you enjoy your stay here.