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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to convert AA to Mp3 for free?


Updated: I've asked the writer of this post to update this post so that it doesn't cause any confusion trouble to anyone again. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused previously. 

How to convert AA to Mp3 for free?

Audiobooks that you bought from are in .aa or .aax format with DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy-protection, and those files can be only playback on AudibleReady devices like Kindles, iPods and listed Mp3 Players.  If you want to play Audible files on any portable device freely, you need to remove DRM from Audible AA files and Convert AA to MP3 format. How to do that? In this guide, I will show you 2 different ways to remove the DRM protection. One is free way (for advanced users), the other one we do it with commercial software (much easier) but it is NOT free.

How to turn .aa into .mp3 for free
The tool we need:
1. Audible membership and Audible software
2. Nero Burning Rom 7, 8 or 9. I will explain it by using Nero 8
3. A CD emulator such as Magic ISO
4. Windows Media Player 11 (WMP)

Step-by-step guide here:
1. Download your Audiobook files via the Audible Download Manager on your desktop.

2. Open Nero Burning ROM and select Audiobook CD from the menu, then click New

3. Drag and drop your .aa file into the blank workspace on the left then click Burn

4. On the next screen, click Burn again

5. Choose a location to save the files then click Save, and then Autocreate File Names

6. Once the process is done, open MagicISO

7. Click the Open Image File icon

8. Click the Extract Audio Files icon

9. Choose a file save location, check the Using MP3 Encoder checkbox, then click OK

10. Finally, repeat steps 8-10 for the rest of the discs in the series
You’re done.

How to convert AA to MP3 with 1 click

Step 1: Import AA audio files
You can simple dragging-and-dropping files to the program. Those files will be loaded into the program.
Tips:You can import .aa and .aax files together.

Step 2: Set output file format
Choose "MP3 (MPEG Layer-3)" from the "Audio files to" drop-down list.

Step 3: Start converting AA files
Press "Start" button. It will start to convert audio files. When the conversion is finished, click "Find target" button to open the output folder all converted files are now should be in .mp3 file format.

That's it. You can now feel free to enjoy your Audible files on any music player.


  1. Tried it and was scammed from my money. All it does is use the computer soundcard and record any sound playing. When I used it recorded both the audible file and audio from a background video this playing. I could have used a free program to do this and was disappointed with the software.

    1. I am sorry to hear that from you transco. However, please note that I am not the one selling the software. The post you saw above is an advertorial written by the owner of the software. My blog is the medium for it. I am not responsible of the content written above as it's stated it's an advertorial. Just a kind suggestion from me, perhaps you could try to ask for a refund from the merchant? I hope things will work out for you there.

  2. Lydia Chai - Sorry to say this but at it is your blog, you are responsible for the content at least to an extent. Advertorial says it is free then wants people to pay for it.. at the very least that is false advertising.

    1. Well, being a wise consumer, you should always consider every advertisement/advertorial's validity and trustworthiness. Blog-reviews or even TV commercials can be misleading/deceiving (not saying whatever I'm writing in this blog is like that) but all I can say is, I'm paid for this and I'm sorry for whoever that over-valued this review and get caught up in the scam. I'm not sure if this is a scam but like what transco said, he/she is a victim.. Well, I can only say, be wise in checking out more reviews and stuff before you really decide to purchase something. Advertisements are not responsible of buyer's loss. I feel sorry, seriously, if there are people who are cheated because of this review but again as I said, I'm paid for this and it's part of my responsibility to keep this thing here. I just hope that you guys will be more careful next time.

  3. I agree that consumers need to take care and be responsible.
    I read this carefully. And then downloaded it...
    Because it says FREE. With no following disclaimers. Just poorly written advertising is all. I realize it wasn't written by the blog host, but it is a very misleading advertorial. Misleading to the point of absolutely false advertising.

    1. I'm sorry if the content is misleading. I have contacted the writer of the blog post for an explanation. I hope that future consumers will be more careful when they are reading this post.

  4. I used method one. Firstly using Nero Express to export the .nrg files; then opening them in MagicISO to extract the audio files.

    It works fine, just in the original creation of .nrg files in Nero requires the Audible username and password to access the DRM rights.

    Many Thanks.

  5. It´s also hard to convert Audible´s new .aax format. We have written a short guide for german speaking users, to convert .aax to .mp3.
    You can find it at
    Maybe it's interesting for one or the other.
    Greetings from Germany and Merry Christmas, Stevie!