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Friday, July 08, 2016

Weave bin


I only managed to paint a few tubes with yellow and grey using the Buncho water colours. It takes too much time and effort to paint them using the brush. As I'm not doing these in big quantity so that's my only method - colouring the tube one by one.

So I managed to save them up for the best weaving craft I want to make - the basket which supposedly meant to be a bin. =/ Then I decided may not. 

I missed him while I was weaving... Weaved for almost a few hours after he left me. Done in a day. 

The edging is not really how it is supposed to be as I improvised a little. I think it is too troublesome to tuck it in so I just simply tuck it anywhere I think will hold the piece properly. Not too bad I guess. This edging uses a lot of tubes though. 


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