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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Food I love and detest to eat. Read if you want to know me better

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There are a few food that I specifically LOVE to eat. 
My birthday's coming. 
If you have no idea what to give me, treat me a meal! 
I'd definitely love it! ; ) 

Too bad, he cannot be here with me for this year's birthday. 
= ( 

I love, very love, very very very love yam cake!
I like to eat yam cake which is TOTALLY COOKED.
I don't like eating yam cake whereby I can still feel the cubes of yam partially cooked.
I like soft and muddy liked yam cake. 
It's best to eat it with chee cheong fun! ; ))))

I love to eat chee cheong fun ever since I went to Klang.
I don't fancy chee cheong fun last time.
In fact, I didn't really like it. 
Recently, I find myself loving this to the max.
I love to eat it with tao ki, fish ball and yam cake! 

I like this too!
Har gao.. Shrimps dumplings.
I love it, I love it, I love it! 
It's so yummy but not easy to do at home. 
It's expensive to eat too many too. = (

Yum, yum, cakes.. 
I love it!
I don't know since when I started to fall in love with cakes.
Maybe I have not been eating them for some time..
That's why I'm craving for it like crazy.
I love espresso cheesecake because of him too.
Together with him, I always ordered this.

I love this. I love this!
Pasta! Cheese pasta!
I love it!! 
XD Yum yum yum.. I like the dough taste. Ha-
I like pastry.

I love thick crust pizza.
I like Domino's salty thick crust pizza. 
It's so yummy!

I love sushi!!!
XD It's so delicious. 
I like to eat simple sushi like seaweed + rice.
I like scallops sushi.
I love Unagi sushi.
These stuff are expensive. =(

I love Mc Donald's fries.
I hate KFC's fries.
It's thin like nothing. 
I love thick and good biting fries. 
I always fall sick lately because of it.
= (

What I DETEST to eat:

I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!
I don't like to eat sengkuang! 
It's so disgusting and I hate it. 

Because of sengkuang, I hate popia.
I hate popia.
I don't like popia.
It's disgusting  =X
Sorry to popia lovers.
I don't like wet neither dry popia.

NO bitter gourd.
Hate bitter gourd.
Shoo shoo 

No carrot too.
Unless I'm eating rojak tofu. 
I don't like big pieces of carrot.
I don't like carrot juice.
I don't eat carrot.
I hate carrot. 

I don't like tomatoes.
I don't eat raw tomatoes.
I don't like big pieces of tomatoes.
I only eat tomatoes in pasta sauce whereby I don't see tomatoes at all.

I hope that you guys know me better now.
Don't give me eat something I don't like to eat.
Cuz I really don't like it.


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