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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I am disappointed with the Malaysia MyDeal customer service

Please take note that this post talks about my personal experience with the Malaysia MyDeal company.

Okay, okay, okay. I didn't want to spend much time on this post. I just want to get everything straight and clear at 1 shot.

Here's what this post is gonna be about -

In January 2013 if I'm not mistaken..  or maybe around December 2012.. I bought this digital camera from Camworld outlet via Mydeal. I wasn't able to pick up my camera at the outlet, thus I decided to purchase for the delivery service, which costs extra RM 12. I was like anticipating for the camera to reach. However, they were late in their delivery. Very late. I couldn't bear with it. Thus, I decided to contact the merchant to ask if I can get it personally at their outlet. This is because I am gonna leave for holidays soon. Nobody is available to pick up my camera at the hostel.

So, I took the effort to go to their outlet in KL. I'm not familiar with that place. I spent time and money to look for the outlet. Okay, this is fine. The merchant told me that I could claim back the RM 12 delivery fee from Mydeal as they are not in-charged of it. They themselves haven't receive any fund from Mydeal yet.

I appreciated that guy (merchant) who helped me to write an e-mail to this Mydeal in-charged person. Unfortunately, no feedback was given after long await. I waited and waited-- Called a few times to bug on the merchant.. well, for RM 12, okay this is not the matter of amount. It's about responsibility. As a consumer, I paid the money and I expect the product and service quality to be met.

The merchant got little frustrated at the end as I did too. Why? He forgot to inform me though he told me that he would at this particular day/date. In the end, I have to call him myself, for this RM 12. Ha- So, he was like saying, "if I could, I don't mind taking from my wallet and pay to you". Okay, that doesn't sound polite and ethical as a seller. I know that it's just RM 12, anybody can afford that. It's not that I can't - like RM 12 is what huge sum of money. What I'm particular with is promise and responsibility. I understand that he is a busy guy who deals with different people everyday, however I have my rights either as one of your customers. You promised me this date, I waited, so you should provide me some kind of feedback, isn't it? I was being very nice and polite all these while until the last call with him.. I got frustrated and well, my tone wasn't nice. His wasn't good too.

He then explained that it wasn't his responsibility to hunt for the RM 12 for me. I'm supposed to look out for Mydeal for it. He was just being a kind middle person to help me out with this. Okay. I appreciate that then dude. You should have told me this earlier and I would settle it off myself with Mydeal.

End of the story at the merchant. I moved to contact Mydeal.. the main protagonist of today's post.

I was really frustrated and angry with Mydeal's service. Why?

1) I called them a few times. Yes. A few times. Why? Cuz of RM 12? No. It's because I think I deserve my rights as a consumer. I paid and I deserved what I do need to. Yes. They did pick up the calls but every time, it's some different people who picked up the call and gave me really tidak-apa answers. They asked me to wait. Okay. I waited. They said they would call me back. I waited again. No calls. H-e-l-l-o. Are you fooling me?

2) This guy whom the merchant contacted on behalf of me, Gerald, he is no longer working at Mydeal. Can you believe that last month I just called to Mydeal and that lady who spoke to me didn't inform me about it? She just asked me to wait and she'll settle it for me. Ha-ha. So, the second point is that, my previous emails (the merchant sent twice on behalf of me and I personally sent once to him) are gone to somewhere in the air, not reaching Mydeal.. and no one bothered to tell me about this until today.

3) I'm extremely upset and disappointed with the service provided by Mydeal. Their service is really.. bad. For this small amount of RM12 and responsibility issue, I attempted to contact them a few times (more than 5 times). They seem to take my issue lightly. This is really displeasing. And guess what in the end? The last person whom I approached with, Mr. Choong, he sounded like he knew what he's doing better. He told me that the girl whom I spoke to previously sent me an email to indicate that I am entitled RM 12 voucher which has no expiry date.


Do you know why I'm still angry after knowing that I'm entitled a RM 12 voucher?

This is because in my email earlier, I have stated very clearly that I want cash refund. I even offer my bank account number. I said I want cash. I never for once said I want voucher. I don't want to buy from Mydeal. I have nothing to purchase. Why do you give me voucher?

The main point here is, I have stated earlier what I wanted and now, they just simply give me something (well, probably considering that Mydeal still wants my RM 12 no matter what- so giving me voucher makes me have to buy something from there). This is very-- unprofessional to me. You can't just simply give me something that I don't want but tell me that this is the only thing you can do for me.

I was told that the voucher issued cannot be taken back. So? Is that my problem or yours? Did I ask for a voucher code? You should ask that lady to pay for the voucher, not me. She is the one who issued it without my consent. I really dislike this kind of service - you do it, and then you tell me, and expect that I must say 'yes' to it. What is this man--

*cooling down* So the end of the story is: I have to accept the RM 12 voucher and buy something from Mydeal. Mr. Choong said, the good thing about this is that it has no expiry date. Ha-ha-ha. What a joke. I'll have to figure out hard what I need to buy - another trouble to me.

I felt really disappointed with Mydeal, seriously. This issue happened in December/January and it's already April today. It is only solved after I contact them multiple times. And the solution that they provided isn't really what I want. I always have good impression on coupon sites like Mydeal, Groupon and etc but after this case, I think I just gotta be extra careful in the future - purchasing delivery and expecting delivery refund. It's really a hassle process but well, for principle reason, I must do it. I cannot stand how some people work with this kind of principles. I'm a person with strong principles. I cannot tolerate such tidak-apa attitude in treating customers. I used to be a freelancer, I worked with various people in the cyber world, I knew how important it is to do what you say. Don't just give empty promises and fail to do it. That's just not the way- Poor ethical in work. 


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Sad to hear bad experience. I am always wary of such deals and only buy if the deal is really low value or low risk of defective / delivery damage, etc.
    So far worse experiences are extremely long deliveries from Living Social EVERYTIME that I already forgot I bought the products. I don't even have enough faith in customer service to bother emailing or calling them.
    However I would advise that any customer should read the terms & conditions thoroughly BEFORE purchase, and AFTER purchase (before complain). Sometimes we end up getting really angry and frustrated over a respond that is already spelled out in their T&C we don't realize we already get what the seller is within their rights NOT to give (just not what we want).

  3. Hi! This is Katrina from in Australia - a completely separate website and company from the Malaysian MyDeal you have mentioned. Unfortunately some of our customers are reading this post and confusing the companies. If it is at all possible it would be fantastic if you can kindly rename the title of your post to MyDeal Malaysia to avoid the confusion.
    Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,
    Katrina, MyDeal Support Team

    1. Okay. With respect, I will do as you requested.

  4. You are a real rascal. For your bledy RM 12 you are putting many people job at risk.
    If I were a mydeal I would have fucked you also.
    Idiot kurang ajar. Take life easy and do not waste energy in finding faults in people.
    My deal you are the best. I love you.

    1. For whoever who reads your comment will clearly know who is the real "idiot kurang ajar" here - look, who's the one who is scolding somebody else based on his/her stupid principles of life. You are a supporter of MyDeal then go and write something positive about it elsewhere. You do not have to leave this comment here simply to show your disagreement towards my encounter. It basically has nothing to do with you as THIS IS MY BLOG and I am writing based on MY EXPERIENCE. I believe a person like you who does not value consumer rights will be a lousy merchant. RM 12 is something although the value is insignificantly small to many people. The accusation of saying I'm putting people's job at risks - oh come'on! Are you one of those irresponsible MyDeal workers or some busybody who talks without facts on behalf of MyDeal authorities.

  5. i call many222 time but no unswer...
    y y y y y....

    1. You just gotta keep trying I guess. Good luck in reaching to them.

  6. Yeah i had very bad experience with them early this year too. They delivered me an item different from what i ordered. A few email exchanges with them end up in silence from their end. Their customer service line can never be get connected. Very very very irresponsible and poor after sale service.

    1. =( Sigh. That is really an unpleasant encounter of yours.

  7. Yeah i had very bad experience with them early this year too. They delivered me an item different from what i ordered. A few email exchanges with them end up in silence from their end. Their customer service line can never be get connected. Very very very irresponsible and poor after sale service.

  8. Ya really bad services mydeal Malaysia!! Almost 2 week still no one can settle down my case! And call up also no body to pick up call! This is first time and Last time I visit this website!!! Bad bad bad!!!

  9. I also frustrated with MyDeals Malaysia now!!! I call them again and again but seriously, no answer :( busy!busy!busy! is it no one working on ur customer service??? I still waiting my order, they wrote their delivery should arrived last week.but now, still waiting. this is what you call business?? people didn't come again if ur service too bad like this. please, Im ur customer, answer and give me a confirmation.

  10. I not receive my item and also nobody answer the phone, send mail to them also no direct reply, until now I can't contact any one of them. I don't know when I can receive my item.