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Sunday, January 09, 2011

MUET + End of the world?

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I received my MUET slip today from SUP (Sekretariat Unit Peperiksaan?). As what I have checked earlier, it is a band 4. And as what I wished it to be too, it is a mid band 4. I would feel a little too bad for myself if it is a high band 4. Humans.. We always have that kind of "just so near!" feeling and that causes miserable.

Apparently I'm happy because it is a band 4, I'm happy too because I have improved in all the 4 components. Among the 4 components, I improved most on Listening, which is kind of unexpected because I really suck in listening.


                                                   MID-YEAR 2010           END-YEAR 2010 
LISTENING                              18                                   34 
SPEAKING                               27                                   36 
 READING                                75                                   80 
 WRITING                                 37                                   44


I couldn't believe how I can score 18/45 for Listening during my mid-year. I was probably having one ear blocked or deaf. = = " However, I'm happy that the final year Listening result shows that my hearing is not really that bad if I pay attention to what I am listening. 


During our mentor-mentee(no such word?) session with Pn. Tengku Fauziah, she gave every each one of us a key chain she bought from Korea. She had a vacation to Korea during the December holidays. He and I picked the star shaped. There were a few types of different shapes key chain. 


I am still feeling really idle now. I see everybody around me seems to be quite tension but my recorded stress level is still normal. I don't see the urge to rush the assignments over. Is it my problem or they are too tension? = / By the way, I'm not a last minute person who works my assignment at the eleventh hour. It is just that, I still don't feel the urgent need of starting the work now, as in NOW. I plan to do it step by step slowly. 

I was quite blur during Linguistic class today with Mr. Siva. I don't know is it because I am not used to his way of speaking or what- I simply can't catch some of the things he said. I need to take some time to absorb what he has just said and then only come out with my own response. = = " Me slow? Eeek.. Anyway, Linguistic is quite an interesting subject if you like to think and think why, why is some people speaking in such a funny way that sounds so unusual from the normal Standard English. 

In regarding to what I have just learnt in Linguistic, so I don't need some lecturers should critique my speaking in the English language saying that it sounded very Chinese way of speaking. There are 3 types of grammar existed so far in the world today discovered by linguists/grammarians/English language experts. They are prescriptive grammar, descriptive grammar and one more I can't really remember but it is the grammar which we ought to learn in Linguistic. = = My memory is bad. I can forget easily what I have just learnt today. Eeek.. 

That paragraph is too long, so we continue in this paragraph. Uhm, basically grammar has no right or wrong. It is something that exists in our sub conscious mind. Nobody creates grammar and it is just there in your head. The reason why we have grammars like She has, It has, They have is because these are all the compiled grammars (rules) that we need to uniform everybody's English today. Or else, everybody would be speaking as they wish to. Till then, many may not be able to understand and comprehend fully what the another person is speaking. People of different places have different kinds of accent, slang and pronunciation. So, grammars today are used to guard the standard English. 

Do I make myself sound clear or confusing? Uhm.. However, on the other hand, some people of whom the prescriptive grammarians, they think that it is awfully terrible to say that grammar is what we have in our head which has no wrong or right as long as the listener understands what the shit you are talking about. All in all, it is just different people with different kind of thinkings and perceptions. 

Linguistic needs a lot of brain storming. It is tiring but quite fun because of some facts hidden in it that I never knew last time. However, until today, I still don't show any feeling of like towards Reading. To me, it is just all BORING and BOOOORING!

Life is a little boring nowadays. I don't see any life in myself sometimes. I fee just like an empty shell every morning when I wake up. There is no determination nor aims in going to campus. Everything is like a routine which carries not much meaning to me. = / That is a bad thought which I need to erase off. Determination oh determination, can you make your self visible in front of me?? Don't make me look for you out of nowhere.. I hate to play hide and seek~

It is Liza's birthday today. It's bad of me for not even knowing it. =X OK, happy birthday little tall cutie. She is a tall Indian girl who is really proficient in English. Stay pretty and sweet though you are 20 years old already. =X Soon, it will be my turn. Tsk.. 

Another thing I would like to talk about is : The End of the World. There are many rumors going around these days. Some said 521 is the day when all of us gonna face death together. 521 is what? 21st of May 2011. You believe?

In my opinion, the end of the world is a day that will definitely come one day. I will not say when because nobody knows except God. All I know is that, so long as my faith is strong, I believe in God and His promises to His disciples, there is no need to fear for that day to arrive. In fact, that should be a day we should rejoice because the Lord finally full fill His promise and is bringing us back to His kingdom to enjoy all the wealthiness that we do not have in the world. So, fear not Christians. Be strong. Read the bible and pray. Do what you should do as a Christian before it is too late. 

God's return to the world is to bring the death to alive and the alive to eternal life. There should not be fear. 


* I'm very free recently. So, I am updating so often. Tsk.. 


  1. hey hey I see my name! *ding ding* thank you lydia! and your e-reflection on Mr.Siva's class is totally clear.

  2. Lol I realised u like the 'ding ding' thing.. I always see u using this word. You find it clear because u were there listening to the same lecture.. To some people who do not even have an idea what linguistic is, they probably don't know what the shit I'm talking about.

  3. yea! i like the sound it makes. refreshing somehow =.="

    anyway, you maybe right. I haven't done the reflection but i forgot most of it already, so I'm using yours as my reference okay! hee hee

  4. Sure, no problem, my pleasure. By the way, do you have Dr. Siva's ppt slides? Would you want to have a copy?

  5. yep have it thanks for asking. =)