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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Liese Chestnut Brown Hair Dye Experience

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LATEST UPDATE (18/6/2011, 10.54 PM)
RESULTS of using Liese Chestnut Brown
I have the serious urge to update this post because I realized that this post is one of the posts that is frequently viewed. This post is blogged in May 2011. It has been almost a month plus since I dyed my hair with Liese chestnut brown. So, now I can tell you precisely what will happen to your hair after a month of dying your hair with Liese. 

Why some people's hair look damn obvious dyed and some no?
My hair is originally jet black in colour so that is the reason why my hair didn't really look that BROWN as shown on the Liese commercial packet. The reason why most people got their hair coloured visibly after using Liese is because their original hair colour is not completely black as in, their hair is a little brownish at the first place. Do you get what I mean? Some people have naturally brown hair since they are born so after using Liese Chestnut Brown let's say.. Their hair colour will look more visibly brown compared to a person with a darker hair colour: black (most Asians). 

My friend told me that her friend (male) dyed his hair using Liese brightest colour (I'm not sure what colour) with the maximum brightness stars. His dyed hair colour doesn't look obvious under camera shot as well. It still looks black as normal. It is most probably because his hair is originally jet black as mine. 

Does the colour fade off after a few washes? 
The answer is yes. I actually wanted to cover over my ugly highlights which were believed to be bleach and not highlights according to my Malacca hairdresser. So, unfortunately, Liese is unable to help me. The brown  dye on my hair fades off after I wash my hair a couple of times with normal regular shampoos that most of you are using I believed (Rejoice, Pantene, Sunsilk etc). I normally use shampoo + conditioner and occasionally treatment for my hair. 

Will I still want to dye my hair with Liese again?
No. I will be more willing to spend a little more money at the saloon for a more visible (accurate colour I would say) dye and lengthen its lifespan. Liese dye doesn't stay long and sometimes some people get their hair coloured uneven (my friend). So, I think I will give the professionals handle the colour rather than trying it out myself. Spending a little more with a result of the specific expected hair colour, even colouring and longer lifespan are definitely worth for the price.


I should blog this  l o n g   t i m e   a g o  but I was real busy recently with HOLIDAY. XD

I have a lot to blog but I'm gonna separate them into different entries.

Today, I'm gonna post about LIESE HAIR DYE!!

I used to highlight the upper surface of my hair with some awkward GOLD colour which I don't understand why out of all colours, the hairdresser picked GOLD = = ". TSK...

So, I need a dye to cover over the half black half GOLD hair that is too obvious and distracting for me each time I look into the mirror. = / I choose LIESE to solve my problem.


I bought this at Penang Prangin Mall Watson at around RM 32 +

I kept it for some time before I dye it. Tsk.. Lame. I didn't dye straight away because I'm afraid that the colour is gonna be TOO bright and I'm gonna put myself in trouble. So, I dyed it 1 day before holiday. XD

Alright, let's proceed to the fun part. That is, THE PROCESS.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a good-looking model that you are anticipating to see. I'm just recording my process of using LIESE chestnut brown hair dye. 

Conclusion: Bear with my awful looks = = "

You need 1 bottle for shoulder length and longer hair. 
You need half bottle for hair shorter than shoulder length. 

PS# I didn't do the testing thing. It is advisable though for those who have sensitive skin.

It's a little dark in my room. 

I don't think so.
Only the words look more visible now.

This is something informative for you to look at before dyeing. 
It shows the different changes of colours according to your previous colour.
Alright conclusion is: If your initial hair (before you dye) is bright/light in tone, the after hair (after you dye) will look more visible as in brighter. 
Example: I have jet black hair. So if I choose Chestnut Brown, the colour will not be that obvious like you expect how brownish it would be. It will be darker than the colour you expected it to be however pleasantly visible and acceptable. 

This sounds real complicated.

To make it simple, if you have real BLACK hair, get a LIGHT colour although you do not want it to be that light after dyeing. The colour is MOST PROBABLY not gonna be THAT bright. 

Let's see what we have inside the LIESE box. 
1. Syringe
2. 1 plastic packet consists of hair nutritional treatment
3. Rubber gloves with test pad
4. Big bottle with white coloured ammonia solution
5. Small bottle contains colouring

NOTE: Do not worry if the small bottle solution's colour is not the colour of your chosen hair dye. 
The colour doesn't affect your after-dye colour. 


I have really BLACK hair you know?


We are gonna start with lubricant. 
Get some oil based cream/oil on your forehead, behind ears and neck.
Reason: So that the dye doesn't leave stain on your skin. 

Now, comb your hair.
Comb, comb, comb.. 
Reason: So that there is no tangle in your hair. 


Advice: Get some newspaper or unwanted cloth so that you don't dirty the floor.

Basically as you can see the bottles are numbered 1 and 2. 
There are ONLY TWO bottles. 
1 big and 1 small.

Uncap the two bottles. 
Then, pour bottle 1 solution (small bottle) into bottle 2.
So that both solution is going to mix together.
Reminder: Pour slowly so that you don't dirty the place around. 

Mine is a maroon-purplish colour solution + white ammonia solution
So, this is the outcome of the mixture

Now, get the cap on the bottle. 
Make sure you tighten it well.

Mix the solution well by swinging the bottle vertically and horizontally for 5 times.
Caution: Do not shake the bottle vigorously as this will create air bubbles.

Uncap the bottle once you are done with the 5 times.

Get the syringe cap onto the opening of the bottle. 
Tighten it well.

That's how it's gonna look like now.
That's the pink syringe I'm talking about previously.


Get your gloves on. 
Both hands please. 

Please get a towel or plastic or unwanted cloth/t-shirt to wrap around your neck/wear.
Reason: So that you don't dirty your clothes. 


Squeeze some bubble out from the bottle. 
Just a slight slant of the bottle is able to produce bubble. 
Do not hold it 180 degrees horizontally. 
Just hold it normally like how you would hold a bottle that has a syringe. Imagine, OK?

If the bubbles do not come out, try to squeeze a few times. 

Alright, now you reach the stage to dye it on your hair.
Dye it on the surface like what is shown in the picture first. 
Do not pour the bubble from the bottle directly on your hair. 
Pour some bubble out on your hand (like the previous photo) and then only you put on your hair.

Do the above step continuously until you feel that there is enough hair bubble on your hair.
Then, slowly use your fingers to massage through your hair.
1. Use FINGERS, not palm please.
2. Do not let your hair tangle up as you apply the bubble. 
3. Do not c r a s h your hair by pulling or rubbing vigorously. 
Reason: Your hair is very brittle and fragile because of the chemical.

Keep massaging your hair.. 

Don't let them tangle up.. 
Massage, massage, massage.. 
Make sure all hair has contact with the bubble. 
You don't want uneven colouring, do you?

Leave the bubbles on your hair for 20-30 minutes. 
Yes, you can camwhore as you are waiting. 
1. Please make sure you look at the clock. 
Reason: You don't want to turn bald for leaving the ammonia too long on your hair. 
2. Wipe the dye immediately with cloth once you have any on your skin. 

Go to the bathroom and clean the bubbles off by shampoo-ing and condition-ing. 
Reminder: Choose the shampoo with the BEST fragrant because the ammonia smell on your hair really STINKS! 

Apply the nutritional cream on your hair after that. 

Yes, like what the subtitle says: Clean the mess. 

That's how much I left. 
I didn't use all. 

The tissues I used to wipe off the dye from my skin. 

This is the moment you are awaiting after spending 30-50 minutes preparing and dyeing. 

Seriously, do you see any difference in colour?
I bet you say no. 
Well, this is taken with a flash camera. 

Reason: I have really BLACK hair and that is why the chestnut brown doesn't turn out that obvious.

However, it is obvious under sunlight at certain angles. 
It's obvious when you see it at a bright place. 

I don't understand why I can see it with my eyes but not under camera shot. 

REMARKS on LIESE Chestnut Brown 
Liese is a Japan dyeing product. It is not that harmful to your hair because it has amino acid in producing the bubbles. For me, this colour works not bad for me because I'm studying at a place which disallows me to dye my hair. Liese Chestnut Brown has helped me to cover up the ugly gold highlights and creates a sub-visible hair colour. It enables my hair to have colour under light and hides away when it's the surrounding is dark. So, I think by that, I can have an excuse to say "No, no, I didn't dye my hair. =P" All in all, Liese is quite convenient once you have familiarize yourself with its product (means you have done before/seeing others do before).

 I have Sahsiah to study the day after...
= = " And I spent hours on dyeing my hair. 
I was nervous so I did every step really carefully. Tsk..

I hope that this post is clear enough for those who wants to try Liese hair dye. 

Easy & convenient
Cheaper than saloon colouring
Doesn't cause much harm to your hair

The colour is NOT going to be like what you see from the package!
(Get a bright colour if you want it to be visible) 

Question: Will the colour last?
Answer: I don't know. I'm still a newbie. 

Btw, I'm starting my kindergarten job tomorrow.
LMAO.. I hope everything goes well.
Pray for me, readers?


  1. nice pics..n clear descriptions..

    i wanna dye my hair n i tink it will really help me..

  2. Thanks. Yea go ahead. 4 months away from HEP. Kakaka

  3. I already dye my hair from black into chestnut brown, it's working and quite bright for me , maybe this is the 1st time for me

    1. Oh well, it could be you are one of the lucky ones who can get your hair easily dyed. One of my friends has this type of hair too - mostly fine hair. Do you have fine hair too? Most people with naturally thick and black hair will find a hard time to get their hair coloured from black >> chestnut brown. Lately, I dyed Milktea Brown (the lightest colour I guess). For me, this is much better compared to Chestnut Brown. ; )

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