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Friday, June 10, 2011

I love you, thanks

. . . .  S T A T U S
Mood : bad 

Currently, I'm not really in a good mood because I am suffering from sore throat. The gruesomeness takes over my mood. I slept at 1 a.m. something after cheet-chatting with boyfriend then I woke up near 5 a.m. Why? The pain of swallowing saliva is really bad. = ( I always get up from my bed because of pain! Why-can't-I-just-sleep-when-I-feel-pain???? 

Anyway, I suddenly feel like updating something specially dedicated to boyfriend..

I'm a person who experiences frequent downfalls in my life. I have a lot of unhappy memories in my life. There are some, I really hope that I can just erase off entirely from my memory. Too bad, I can't in real. 

I met him when I was 18 years old. Currently, I'm already 20 years old. We have been together for near 2 years in coming August. We knew each other not for long then we started our relationship. Many wondered if it is a right decision for not understanding each other prior starting a relationship. There are indeed many problems between us which are unable to settle previously due to lack of understanding at the first place. However, love and concern for one another are able to save back the relationship which once had a crack before.

Being a girlfriend is not easy. Of course, this works the same in the other way round. We learn as we do mistakes. I canny deny that I am not a good girlfriend. There are many things which I am not aware of last time. I didn't know that because of my little habits may cause him to feel discomfort. We tend to quarrel over the same matter at one time, until we almost surrender off our relationship. Things were so tough for us. There seemed to be no way no matter how hard we try to look for a way out..

I have to be thankful to have him as my first boyfriend. I am not doing exaggeration but he is really one of the best boyfriends on Earth. He used to be a calculative person and because of that, we quarreled timeless. I felt hurt whenever he was being too calculative with abstract stuff. Lately, I realized he has changed a lot. When I asked him, why, his answer was: I want you to be happy, I don't want you to feel sad anymore because I am too calculative. I have doubts at the beginning but now I'm learning to enjoy and cherish the change he has made for me and our relationship. It's not easy to change yourself. Your partner should really appreciate it if you are able to change because of him/her.

He has done many unforgettable things for me.
  1. Folding 99 paper roses and tie them in a bouquet
  2. Getting me my favourite espresso cheesecake whenever I feel like eating with a bicycle under the hot sun
  3. Giving me the best care that no friends could when I feel extremely down
  4. Tolerate my super-annoying temper which hardly people can stand
  5. Apologizes when he feels that I get over emotional and his words accidentally trigger me although it isn't really his fault why I'm emotional 
  6. Listens to me when I want a listener 
  7. Goes through all kinds of thrills and danger just to spend time with me
  8. Forgives me for whatever past I have 
  9. Accepts me for who I am because of love
  10. Cries because of my razor-liked words 
  11. Cries because he can't stand seeing me sad and helpless 
  12. Chooses me as his girlfriend despite having other better choices of girls 
  13. Persists me as the best choice no matter how his friends try to crooked his mind about choosing the wrong girlfriend 
  14. and so on 
I have too much to list and too little to recall all one by one. However, I promise you, I will cherish you and our love! I really hope that you are the first and also the last. Yes, I gotta admit that I'm crave of getting married! XD So, get yourself well prepared quick and marry me ASAP! =P


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