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Sunday, July 03, 2011

A day of crazy shopping and make-over for myself...

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : waaaaaaaaaa

It was a Saturday. I would begin the story from Friday.

It was a tiring day and night. I woke up damn early for my Pra driving test and worked for 6 hours. We went to Dataran Pahlawan to play Basketball! XD I love this game! We played 4 rounds. In the last round, we nearly made it to Level 3! Too bad.. Sigh.. We need the gentlemen. They are stronger. Still, I enjoyed the game very much. Each round needs one token (RM 1) only.

Then, we watched X-men First Class. It was a nice movie, really. I enjoyed the movie very much! Now I know why Professor Charles Xavier became paralyze. Overall, it was a nice movie and worth watching although everybody said that the previous version of X-men was better. To me, it was equally good. By the time I was home, I had a fight with somebody. The night turned from tiring to fun and lastly atrocious. Bad night. Bad sleep. Bad in everything. The joy I created earlier was shattered.

The Friday night was over and there came Saturday morning. I woke up late because I slept late last night. At the same time, something went wrong with the alarm. It only rang once although I have set a few alarms. Maybe, I was too tired and hammered it unknowingly. Anyway, the conclusion was: I was late for work. I was supposed to report myself at 9 am but I woke up at 9.10 am. Shit! 

My mood was awful and indescribable for that few hours of working. =( Perhaps Zi Yi noticed it and wanted to do something for me--- We decided to go out after work to have some fun. Thank you very much, really, for your time and everything. I'm grateful.

Saturday High Fever 

We first went back home then asked my Dad to fetch us to Mahkota Parade. We were hungry. We went to Seoul Garden for lunch. RM 30 student meal. We ate for a few hours. I was very full, really very full. I ate so much. I started my lunch with steamboat fish balls and then proceeded to meat. After that, I ate marinated meat. Teppanyaki chicken is good! Yam ice-cream, AWESOME! I made my own ABC, it's so yummy! I love Chinese longans! I ate almost half of the bowl of longans on the shelf. I like fish too. I even had difficulty in walking after eating. = = " Really, very full, very bloated, very.. I don't know if I felt contented but all I know, I don't feel good after eating TOO FULL. My mood was bad.

Then, we went shopping randomly. We reached Summer. The shoes were on promotion! I hardly buy shoes unless I'm really in the correct mood to look for one pair. I was attracted to a pair of shoes with zip behind. I don't know what it is called but I have always wanted to have a pair of this kind of shoes. I finally saw them and they were on promotion! ; )

Zi Yi bought a pair of mini boots for RM 40 something.
I bought my sandals for RM 29.90. 
I love my little mini wedges sandals. ; ) 

Look at the reflection. 
I actually like Zi Yi's boots very much.
Very pretty! 
Too bad, boots always do not have big size. 
They are always made in the delicate small size for small feet people.


We came to a fair set up by Brush Up Academy. They were having a fair at Mahkota Parade. By spending RM 120 in Mahkota Parade, we could get a free make-over by the Brush Up Academy for per person. Well, thanks Zi Yi for giving me the opportunity though you spent more than me. = (

Start with the hair
They started with my hair. 
The girl curled my hair using the curler.
My hair turned super artificial after that. 
The heat caused my hair to be very dry and yes, they looked like wig. 

 Now, here comes the make-up
Hair-do and make-up together. 

Before that, the lady said my eye browns are too thick!
They need to thin them!
Yes, they need a trim. 
I paid RM 5 for that. 
It's cheap for a professional eyebrows trimming. 

In the process of shaving my little eyebrows.
oh oh, say goodbye to eyebrows!

Done with the eyebrows!
Bad expression, fat body. =(

The girl continued doing my hair.

On the left, the make-up girl was putting glitter on my eyes. PRETTY!
On the right, the make-up girl is very pretty.
According to her, my eyelids will transform into double eyelids soon when I get older.
True? Let's wait and see.. 

After putting on foundation, eyebrows shaved and shaped, and glitter on the eyes.
I saw she used BB cream for foundation. 
My face is damn chubby!

The drawing of eye-liners.
Before that, she used light purple eye shadows for me.
I didn't know it suited me. 
She said so.
She used liquid eye-liners.

On the left, she was brushing eyebrow hair with the brush. 
On the right, she was putting on powder foundation. 

I cannot precisely remember all the steps. = /

She was using the eyelashes curler to curl up my eyelashes. 

I think she had already applied on the fake eyelashes. 
That costs another RM 5.00 
I have never put on one before so I just take that as an experience.

First the lipstick, then the lip gloss. 
Pinky lips!

The final product!
Do I really look like I had a make-over?
Honestly, I think I still look like myself.. 
What do you think?

Closer look.
I like my hair.
I think my face is covered with a thick layer of foundation. 

Happily, we went to shop for my boyfriend's birthday gift. I still couldn't find any suitable one. We came to Oreef in Parkson. Zi Yi suggested to buy a friend-couple shirt together. Ha- We saw this t-shirt that costs RM 19.90. We liked the other purple ones but they were expensive. = ( So, we chose this.

Oh no!
Zi Yi was not looking straight to the camera!

Take 1!
Zi Yi's face has NO PIMPLES in the camera!
She's naturally pretty but I need a layer of make-up to look pretty. 

Take 2! 
The aim here is to look at our ear rings!
I was really gong gong because I didn't know that my ear holes were always there!
I thought that I need to make new holes.. Ha- 
It's been so many years.
We chose this round ear rings at Sin Ma. 

Friends forever. 
Zi Yi was not happy because her colleague said that she was much shorter than me.
Well, well, that's always true. XD

At home, finally..
So tired...
S-S photos before the one-night-princess look is gone.

The eyes make up.
The ear ring.

I snapped so much.. O.O

LYDIA with the camera.

The fake eyelashes.

I do not have double eyelids. =(

I always love my lips! XD

Helo, it's me again!

Curly hair.
I like them.

I begin to feel tired.....

I need a break~

Drink a mug of soya bean (chill!) 



Act cute~

Curly hair with specs.

I think I look a little like my classmate, Emily.
Do I? X.X

I like curly hair!

What do you think??

I really like curly hair.


Everything is magical, for only one night...

When the sleep is over,
the dream is over as well...

At least, I had it once before...

I like the wild curly look.

My eyes are so mini.........

With specs, curly hair.

Without flash.

Wish flash. 

My shoes....

This picture was taken after my bath.
Lol. Look at my left and right eye.
The left one is my original eye (I applied make-up remover, taken down fake eyelash).
The right one is the after make-up + bath water + fake eyelash + vague make-up.

The Oreef couple-friend shirt.

This thing initially costs RM 20 per bottle. 
Then, I managed to reduce the price up to RM 8 from the seller. 
Ha- crazy seller. 
He asked if I have a boyfriend.. 
The answer is obviously Yes I do!

That person let me choose a photo.. It's a 6R photo.
Well, I picked this..
I know that my face is chubby but well, a remembrance.
I snapped it with my phone.
It should look better with scanner. 

I left only RM 1.

Bought the first prepaid reload card in my life. 

That saved the night quarrel.
It was tiring.
And I seriously HATE it!!!


  1. Its a nice make up and hair do. You look pretty! And yes! your single eyelid definitely will become double next time because you have the line there. You can put on the double eyelid sticker or use fake eyelashes more often. hehe. Besides,you just need to workout and thin down a little, you will be a very pretty chicks! Did anyone tells you that you look like Selina? :)
    Stay happy and throw away all the emo songs.. it will just make you more emo because unconsciously those songs will keep playing in your mind all the time which is not good for you. Cheer up! Be positive! Things will be alright! I know the going through part is hart but its worth and you can do it! :)

  2. Yinging : Thanks! XD I bought the double eyelid sticker before. It didn't work that well for me. After sticking them on my eyelids, close and open my eyes, I can see the white transparent sticker on my eyelids. I asked the make-up lady how come then she said our eyes shape (hers the same as mine) is like that- It's not suitable to use double eyelids sticker.

    Bwahahahaha.. Work out.. I am gaining more muscles but not reducing much fats. =(

    Nope. Never. Ha- After seeing it properly I think I do look a little like Selina. Ha- Perhaps we have chubby face and the wavy hair makes me look more like her.

    I find them soothing. Ha- Will change the songs from time to time. ; )

    Thanks for reading! XD