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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : ok-ok

I'm a little too lazy to update recently.
This post will be a summary of my recent doings.

(1) Long Piao Piao's concert 
Most youngsters and English educated people will not know her. She is a famous international singer from Taiwan. She has converted her belief to Christianity in past few years time. She held a free entrance concert at Merlimau to spread gospel. She shared a few interesting stories with us about how she became a Christian from praying idols for years. 

I bought her CD+DVD for his god mom. I hope that she'll like it. Her songs are soothing and calm. She's right. Listening to gospel songs make one feels more calm. Most pop songs nowadays are based on negative emotions like breaking up and stuff- These are pretty negative for the listeners.

The banner outside and a few Christian sisters as ushers. 

Entering of the star, Long Piao Piao.

In the hall.
The first song she sang was 美酒加咖啡

I sat at the middle. 
So, it's rather impossible to capture a good shot although I used 8.1 megapixels camera.

She was signing autograph on the CD I bought. ; )

I personally do not really know her very well but her voice is really good.

(2) Children.

I think it is time for me to update a little about the kids I am facing everyday. Honestly, they are very cute children. However, sometimes they made me feel very angry! I will miss them, seriously, I will. All of them. The cute ones, less cute ones, all. 

My routine at work:
12.30 pm : Reach.
12.30 pm - 2 pm : Help to guide/teach kindergarten students how to write.
2 pm - 6 pm : Check home works/tuition. 

Sometimes, it gets really boring when everyday I am doing the same thing. Things got worse when I begin to dislike it because I HAVE TO face the same person who made me angry all the times, everyday. = = " 

Tan Wei Jie 
I like him most!
He is 4 years old. 
He is super duper cute and is not afraid of stranger. 
; ) He can be friend with you very fast! 

Wei Jie and Ah Wei at the back. 
Trying to squeeze into the photo. 

I like this. 
He doesn't look that cute/good looking in photo.
He looks better in real. 

Wei Jie oh Wei Jie

Ah Wei and Wei Jie's horrible teeth. = = " 

He is very manja. 

I'll definitely miss him lots. 
I'm quitting this job very soon. 
In about 2 weeks time more.. 

The kids. 
Waiting for their parents to come..
At 5.30 pm..

3 8 Wei Ni.. Ha- 

Big sized Zhi Liang.. Ha- 

Pei Jia 

Jessinia with the bag. HA-

Shaun's head. = = "

One of the twins and Wei Jie

Ah Wei's big mouth. =O


= / These are the ones I'm facing everyday. 
Those kindergarten kids are Zi Yi's students. 
Mine are /\ Primary school students.

Josephine and her Korean style bun head. 
Ha- I tie one!
Many people criticize but I think it looks good on her!

Side view.
It will look good with her hair accessory. 

Joie Poo 

Joie and Jessinia, her sister. 

My creation: French braid.
My skills are getting better nowadays.

Jessinia a.k.a. mushroom head. Ha-

I will update more in future.

(3) Dye hair. 

At Sunrise Cafe, Ziyi's drink.
Nice shot. 
Ha- Advertisement~

1 packet costs RM 1.20 only. 
I bought it at one of the Bunga Raya Indian shop. 
I used the brown one. 

Ha- I still can't capture the golden stripes. 

Jet black hair. Who envy?
I don't like too BLACK hair. 


Pour in powder + water + stir. 

Mom is my hair stylist. 
Ha- She helped me to dye. 

My hair very long already!
I still prefer short, however.

Now, the gold stripes disappear! 
Black/brown hair is back! 
If you ask me which type of dye you should use for your hair..
I'll recommend this Indian dye. 
It's Ammonia free, less smelly compared to Liese and other colour products I pursue. 

Support Indian dye!

(4) Sushi, Finally.

 First attempt

Rice + normal white vinegar + salt = FAIL!

First roll. 
A little rice stain. = ( Not perfect yet.

First few products. 
Ha- OK OK la~

Very simple.

Getting better! 
No rice stain! ; ) 

Final product. 
I finished all. 
So, you can imagine why I keep putting on weight.. =X
Too much good food to eat at home!!!
I cannot resist the temptation 
and I DONT WANT to resist them~~~~~ X.X

Second attempt

Rice + Japanese vinegar = OK 
I still think something is weird, I don't know where.
I'm going to try one last time. 

1 Japanese cucumber takes very long to finish. = = "

Japanese vinegar borrowed from Teacher Regina. 

Hot rice + vinegar + mix.

Spread the rice on the nori.

I ate a lot of RAW carrot lately. 
It's amazing because I usually don't eat carrot. 

I improvised the sushi.
I put in hot dog stripe besides crab stick and cucumber. 
I also put in cheese. ; )
That's why I have yellow in my sushi! Hehe

Ha- First few..

Hand roll.
Not neat, I know.
Most important, edible. 

This round, it tastes much better with the Japanese vinegar.
Still, something is missing out. I don't know what is missing-
I'm going to try out one last time before returning the vinegar. 
I like the cheese look in the sushi. Ha-

Basically, that is all.
Just to let everybody know- 
Recently, I have turned into a game addict. 
I'm very addicted to DD Tank! 

Thanks for viewing. ; )

Have a nice day!

Before that- 
I wanna say - 
I am counting down the days I'm in a relationship with Teh Joo Kiat. 

4 more days to go- 
We will be 2 years couple! 
I love you.


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