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Wednesday, October 26, 2011
. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : phew~ 

This is my first experience living in IPDA during holidays. Most of my friends went back to their hometown. There are 2 reasons why I chose to stay back.

  1. I really hate that 11 hours bus journey
  2. I am going for a trip <3 
I just got back from the trip yesterday. So, here's the blog post about the trip. Nothing's special because it is Penang again. Ha- The only difference is: I am going with a bunch of Christian juniors. ; ) 

I shaped my eyebrows before going to Penang. 
X.X It's very painful but I think the results are quite satisfying good. 
Ha ha ha ha ha - - - 
Anyway, the main focus of this photo is the use of paracetamol powder in fighting against pimple
X.X I had a lot of pimples lately and it's really getting on my nerves! 

DAY 1 Penang 

First time he wears shoes for me~ =P

xP Please ignore the size of my thigh. x.X 

The wishing well at one of the Myanmar temples in Penang. 

It's so freaking hot and I have to tie my hair.

Dragon and I

I look good but he....... 
I don't know what kind of expression is that. x.X

I hate my flabby arms! 


The view taken from the top most of the temple .

I don't know what they call this--- 

Lotus lanterns? 

Very beautiful.
Made from paper. 
RM 20 each. Expensive. 

I thought they are eggs at first.

These are the bigger ones. 
Cost RM 80 for one.

Super large. = = " 
I can't remember the price. 

Sleeping buddha
I can't manage to capture the whole body. 

Then we left this place. 

We went to Gurney Plaza to dine in to Seoul Garden.
I ate crazily a lot of scallops.
= = " And I think I had stomachache the following day probably cuz of the scallops.
x.X I declare, NO MORE Seoul Garden for me in the next half year.. 
I'm getting sicked of Seoul Garden. x.X

We went to First Avenue to watch Real Steel. 
It's quite a good movie. 
Touching and funny at some point. 
Ha- Worth watching. 

Before entering to the cinema. 

Massage leg~ 

TVG Cinema Regular Popcorn
BIG isn't it? Compared to GSC's regular  = = " 

This is how big it is......... 

RM 12, = / kinda expensive. 

DAY 2 Penang 

I love PORK!
I love the sour soup!!! 
How I wish I have a bowl of it in front of me NOW!
I had stomach upset that morning and I didn't really enjoyed the food to the fullest = = "
Rating : 10/10 

Yam rice.. Jeng! 
Rating : 9/10

Inside got pig stomach. Lol. My favourite.
Rating : 10/10

Pig's leg vinegar (direct translation from Chinese)
Rating : 9/10

All the food above cost RM 22 only. Cheap heh? 
3 servings. 

Then, we went to BJ Mall for bowling. 

Lol. Wei wen and boyfriend. 

Haha we were caught red handed for creating an avatar for each one of us. 

We played 2 games. 
Boyfriend is the winner for 2 rounds and I come second then weiwen last. =P

After the bowling game, we went to the nearby market to eat local delicacies. 

I never ate such thing before.. 
I prefer it to be spicy. 
I prefer Malacca's cucur udang 
Rating : 7/10 

Refreshing sugar cane juice
You can feel that it contains really LITTLE or near ZERO sugar 
Rating : 10/10 

After that, we went to Marina bay to see sea = = " 

Somehow, I wish, my legs aren't that huge. x.X = ( Sigh 

That's the place we went. 

Wei Wen and I and lollipops 

Shaking hand with Charlie Brown 

I like this. ; ))) 

Wei wen and I 

Boyfriend and I 

Us again


Why is he smacking my head into his chest?? 

My arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give you 1 box then you will FLY!

If only my arms and my thighs............ 

Mango flavoured yogurt! 
Mango yogurt 
RM 9.90 (small)
Rating : 10/10 

Cuz it is too yummy...
So, we had another one! ;P

Blueberry flavoured yogurt! 
I prefer the mango ones. 
I'm gonna do this when I am back to Malacca
; ) 
Rating : 9.9/10 

=  / boyfriend aka thief? 
Wei wen's VIOS~ boom boom... 

After that, we went Sakae Sushi 
= / I am disappointed with Sakae Sushi maybe cuz it is really not as good as I have expected it to be.

Heat resistant mugs.
I hate the green tea.
It doesn't taste good. 
= / Or I'm not used to this kind of tea.

Impressive high tech order system. 
Self service. 

RM 4 for 3 
This tastes really good!!!
Rating : 10/10

Wei Wen's ramen 
= / It looks like normal yellow mee to me?
I don't know. I didn't eat much that day. 

Boyfriend's bento x.X
Rating : 7/10 
The miso soup tastes like 1 kind. 
I still prefer Sushi King's bento

Without specs 

Without specs 2 

XP bluahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 


She had a hard time eating all at once. 

Love forever. 

I fall sick at night. x.X
I got better the next day. ; ) 

A present for Wei Wen 
Thanks for being our tour guide for that day. 
; ))) Hope that you'll like this little collage. 

DAY 3 Penang 

My first experience trying the massage chair using RM 1 
lol. I enjoy the legs part. 

GOOD! ; ) 

We've nothing to do 
So, we watch another movie for the 3rd day. = = " 
The Thing. 
It's quite scary and yea, not bad. 
You can consider watching it if you have nothing better to watch. 

Then, we went to Master Choo Chinese Cuisine Restaurant for lunch. 

Japanese rolls dim sum?
It looks really yummy and is expected to taste really MEAT-y in your mouth
but somehow the taste is not like what I imagined it to be 
So, my rating is... 7/10 

Cheese baked Char siew rice 
It's not oily you see- 
Most fried rice is very oily.. 
Rating : 9/10 

Grapu fish porridge
Not bad but the fish tastes a little odd.
I will not say it is not fresh but somehow it is not cleaned really thoroughly I guess. 
Rating : 6/10 

Shrimps dumplings
RM 4. Quite cheap ?
Rating : 8/10 
The shrimps are quite fresh 

The rice coated with cheese...
Closer view. 

I don't know what drink is this.
He ordered. 
Tastes just ordinary. 


So, I bought this at Penang. 
for RM 10. = = " 

It is obvious what it functions for. 

BEFORE (I really hate the stupid pimple on my forehead!)

The structure. 

The back view. 
Really messy. x.X

AFTER (I did once again the next day.. that's why I'm in black)

I did some touch up with photoshop for my face.
I removed the pimples. x.X

The side curls. 

Successful curls?
X. x judge yourself. 

The end.
Very long post. 
I'm tired. 
Assignments half way done only~ 


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