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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Diet is for a better life

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I am free today. After not writing for some time, I realised that I have problem writing flawlessly. It seems difficult to think of the acute words to fit into my sentences. 

It's October 15. I started my crazy diet on 30 September 2011. It has been like half a month, 15 days? I am still working hard on it. I do not know if this is going to work out but all I can do is just TRY. = = " How I wish that the results will make me feel that all the hard work during this process is worth it. It is not easy I am telling you. It is not, at all. 

After going on this diet for 15 days, here's a summary of my diet to be shared with any of you who are still hesitating to diet or no:

1)     Set your mind what you want and how you want it to happen. In other words, set a goal. I am planning to chop down 20 kg which I think is a crazy plan at first. In fact, I still find this goal ridiculously impossible. However, nothing is going to work out if I am forever sticking with this kind of negative thinking. So, set your goal if you want to slim down! Tell yourself the reason WHY you are doing this. For me, I'm doing it for him. I really hope that I can successfully slim down this time. 

Before starting the diet, spend 20cents on the weighing scale in any shopping mall. I got my results from the blood lab. I went for my medical checkup before coming back to IPDA. So, I have a figure of how much I weigh currently. Remember that freaking number throughout the process of diet. You MUST remember it! Never let that damn figure crosses out from your mind because that is one of the biggest sources of energy for you to move on. It motivates you.

2)     Don't always weigh yourself. Some people feel that it gives them a better feeling to weigh every week/month. For me, I think it is better to weigh yourself once you think you are confident enough that you have SLIMMED down. Why weighing yourself every week when you know the fact that you can't be possibly slimming down in just 1 week time? How much do you expect to see the number reduces? 1kg? 2kg? 0.5kg? or what- ? Seeing a small figure will not satisfy you for a long run. So, do you get my point here? I have yet to weigh myself currently because I feel that I have yet to gain the confidence of slimming down. 

3)     Get your diet plan clear and printed on your mind and soul. Many people want to start a diet but they never know what kind of diet they are opting for. In fact, I can say that most of these people have the intention of slimming down but they will never spend some time to figure out HOW. I am very much experienced in this matter. Before I have determined to slim down, I told myself all kinds of excuses. Yes, I do think of slimming down but it is never permanent. Yes, I always have little thoughts like, oh I'm not taking rice. Oh, I'm gonna drink plenty of green tea. Oh, I'm going to be a vegetarian etc. All these are  little ideas which need to be combined together for a BIGGER idea of how your diet is supposed to be like. So, to get your gears ready, please sit down and think about the question: HOW the diet is going to be like?? If you are too lazy to think of one, go online and search for some famous diets like: South Beach Diet? Atkins Diet? The latest 17 Days Diet? 

One day I was feeling really gruesome and I decided to go out for a jog. I was sicked staying in the room with the 4 walls facing me. Jogging is a good time for you to think many things. I like to think many things which I do not have solution yet during jogging. Then, I organised all my little ideas into a diet plan: 

Morning: 1 packet serving biscuits 
Lunch: Normal meal with lesser proportion of rice
Dinner: Oat/Drinks 

Exercise: 8 rounds of track = 3.2km (per work out) (intensity depends on how busy I am)

So, this is my plan and I tell myself by hook or by crook I'm gonna stick on this for some time. This is important because you need to have an idea of how the plan is going to be like before jumping into it. If you are a person who thinks of diet but resorting the easy way out: Oh I feel like eating pizza today. Oh tomorrow is a happy day, it's rest day, I'm gonna eat something I like! You are at a risk of failing your diet. 

No diet works without exercise. Please do not get yourself conned by some pills sellers. Even if you manage to slim down without exercise, it is most probably not a healthy diet. Sweat and get the toxic out from your body! 

4)    Glue yourself to the plan. You are almost there. Now, you are fully equipped, it is time to start the journey. Tell yourself repeatedly not to fall for temptation. Before that, you need to tell yourself that is the end of the temptation and you need a whole new menu for your daily food consumption. Just bear in mind how the plan is going to be like (refer to point 3) then you will know how powerful your determination can drive you to ultimate success. Do not lead yourself to any temptation to lure the devil in your heart. Remind yourself three things: 
  • The stupid figure of your initial weight
  • The goal of weight you ought to achieve 
  • The plan! It is a plan! The plan must not be broken! 

5)    Be patient and wait for success. You can always check out other diets to improve your own diet. For now, I am reading on the 17 Days Diet. It is one of the latest diets which is popular among the Americans. You can always improvise your diet by referring some good advices from other diet. You need to tell yourself that different diet works for different people and you need to know your own body well. To slim down, no one besides yourself can you. So, stop being lazy and giving excuses, start the mission! 

That is all I want to share about my diet. I am longing to see the success. Although my friends said I still look the same after undergoing this diet for 15 days, I know I will be different after some time. It is just a matter of time and patience. ; ) 

Nothing comes easy, Roman is not build in one day. Tell yourself positively everyday that "I WILL MAKE IT!" 


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