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Sunday, November 06, 2011

4 kg reduced.. on my way..

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Mood : = ) 

I have started my diet officially on the last day of September 2011. So, here's some update of my progress - -

I went to Penang two weeks ago and that was around 24 October. I weighed myself and discovered that the figure drops down 4 kg. I weigh after eating. = = "

I seriously do not know if my plan is going to work but I am going to give my best shot to it. The hardest part of it is to resist the temptation of eating my favourite food. = ( You know how sucks that feeling is?? AWFULLY sucks!

I took one photo of my before diet and after diet.. I merge them together. Hopefully you can see some difference from the size of my face. ; )

Somehow, I think I look funny and abnormal in both photos. ZZZzzz.. Anyway, I chose these two photos because I look more like myself here. Usually, I tend to use some angle help to make my face smaller. So, I find these two most original, I used them to show the difference. 

For those who are dieting too, keep it up! 

I read an article. It says, exercising 30 minutes every day will show great improvement in weight loss. Try it. I'm kind of lazy sometimes. ; ( 

That is all for now. Happy dieting.