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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : lalala

As I've mentioned countless times.. This semester is superbly hectic and I'm really busy to update my blog. Here's just a brief summary of what I'm up to lately.

#1 : I broke my specs and I bought a new pair at Yawata. = = "
It was on the Sports Day.. I accidentally broke it. Don't ask me how because I also don't know how out of sudden it broke off. So, I got myself a new specs at RM 199. Cheap? I think ok-ok standard price. She said it's Polo Smith. Well, it is written on the specs but I doubt its authenticity. Anyway, what important is  can see things clearly now. = = " I hate the feeling of not wearing specs when I need to see something clearly.

#2 : On the Sports Day, I signed up for the lontar peluru event. It was my first experience taking part in Sports Day field event. Although this was just a mini 60 people Sports Day, I felt really proud of myself. They were asking who would like to take part in the event and so happened I was there. So, I volunteered myself. I was thinking that maybe I could win because I thought that I'd be considered relatively big size compared to the juniors.  I thought I'm gonna win easily so I just joined without much hesitation. I was shocked when I reached the venue for lontar peluru. The participants are not as "small" as I thought they are. My confidence obviously decreases. Luckily, I managed to get a number 2 with a record of 5.2 or 5.4 meters. Ha- I'm so happy, really very happy! I never threw this far before- I won myself a mug for that. I preferred the number 3 mug, so I exchanged with him. ;)

#3 : I went to Penang with a few friends last weekend to interview a lecturer. Well, it's an interview, one of our assignments. Basically, the trip was hectic and packed. We couldn't manage to go for any shopping or what- We went there only for one day. Thankfully, we managed to have a smooth interview.

#4 : I am still working hard on my diet but I am slacking off lately. I'm so tempted with so much of food. I couldn't recall how many fast food have I eaten throughout these two weeks. @@

#5 : My UPSR student called me just now. I felt really surprised and weird.. I don't know maybe I was too shocked. She told me she got an A for English but her brother got a C. = / I'm a little disappointed with the brother but I'm happy for the sister. I think my tuition doesn't help much though because the sister is initially good herself. Anyway, I felt really pleased to hear her saying 'Thank you' to me. It's such a pleasant feeling. I'm not used to it. That's how things gonna be like for me in future- Being a teacher. Ha-

# 6 : I will be very busy with my assignments for these coming weeks. It's the peak of the semester where we need to submit all the assignments. Phew.. Jia you Lydia. Aja aja aja!

# 7 :  My love life so far is OK. I'm doing fine with him. Finally, it's a little smooth now. I'm glad it is. We're going on a date on Friday btw. XD Looking forward to it.

That is all for now--
I need to continue with my other works.


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