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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dating at Secret Recipe and God's miracle work on me

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : la-la-la

We went out to Secret Recipe for lunch. As usual, we ordered 2 lunch sets and 1 main course. Don't ask me why--- We just simply like to have more varieties of food. We hardly care about the price. x.X

It's been some time not dining in to Secret Recipe...

They are having lunch promotion at RM 15 + +. We ordered set B, macaroni cheese shrimps. It's tasty but really oily. x.X

Yummy...... Thick cheese... 
Rating : 9/10 
It doesn't score prefect ten because it is OILY. 
You will not feel the oiliness but you can see it very clearly in the food. = = " 

Strings of cheese... 
Cheese lovers, envy me? x.X 

Cordon blue
I have not tried this before. 
This dish costs RM 15. 
It's not included in the set meal (yet, hopefully it will some day later)
The brown thing is AWESOMELY delicious! 
It is made from slices of ham, black pepper chicken meat and cheese melting out. 
Rating : 10/10 

The process of cutting the "asset" of the dish. 

A little melted cheese on the chicken meat. 
The ham is at the middle. 

Tidbits for ordering 1 main course. 
I just only knew it. = = " 

The ice lemon tea. 
I ALWAYS have to add mineral water. = = "
It's way too sweet.... 

My new specs... 
Which got such "s p e c i a l" effect on camera shot. 
ZZZzzz.. I thought that multi-coated means taking photo, there is no such "effect" as above.
Anyway, I have no choice. 
I need a pair of specs urgently that day. 

I seriously hate the reflection/glow which blocks my eyes to be seen..
ZZZzzz... It looks really awful though I pretty like its frame. 

I hate him.. 
Why, why, why.. 
My arm... 

We chatted a while after lunch. 
We were really very full...
Next time, we really shouldn't be greedy. 
x.X too much of cheese today. 
I didn't eat dinner tonight. 

cuz... I ate.... 

I bought this from Yawata supermarket.
It's really VERY fresh and it tastes good. 
It's a little expensive I think... 
RM 5.62 for like 2 servings grapes. = = " 

At 7.30 pm, I went to Alor Setar church to attend an evangelical sermon. 
It's interesting. 

I will blog on that when I gather all the information. 
He is a pastor from Brazil. 
His sermon is interesting although he is an old man. 
Mm hmm.. We always assume that old pastor's sermon is boring. 
He can talk pretty fast and I enjoy listening to him.


I'm happy that I begin to be able to play the piano like church pianist plays. 
I learned from Ai Ting. 
I really gotta thank her a lot if I really manage to master the skills.
It's not that easy for me because timing and chords must be good to play church songs. 
I'm learning. 
I hope that some day I will be able to be the pianist, maybe for 1 time, I'm satisfied. 


I am joining the Christmas caroling. 
This is my first experience and I am looking forward to it.
I will be real busy for this coming December. 
There are many things to do and I really hope that God will grant me strength and a healthy body.

I thank God for giving me a healthy body and mindset today. 
I am able to "tahan' until now without feeling really exhausted. 
Ha- Hellueyah! 
Always believe that God has His plan on what you need to do for the ministry. 
Do not give excuses and turn away from God's works. 
Believe it or not, you might think 24 hours is not enough for your daily works,
somehow, God will do some miracle job on you--- 
For example, He gave me extraordinary strength and energy to be able to do both works:
my daily works and God's works.


  1. I HATE how your blog ALWAYS makes my mouth waterrrrr!!!! grrr...anyway i like your idea...i think im gonna blog about what I learned this semester/year as well...

    chin up, cheer up!