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Sunday, February 26, 2012
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It has been really veeeerrrryyy long ever since I abandoned Some People Say. Sometimes, I simply do not have the mood to blog. Then, there will be more an more photos accumulated in my phone, until... Somebody reminds me to blog.

I took some time arranging these photos into category. Enjoy reading.

Let me begin with 2011 Nov/Dec...

I had serious problems with deciding which hairstyle to pick. 

After consulting the saloon lady, I finally settled down with my current hairstyle.
I regretted so much for cutting them so short (I can't curl now)
Anyway, what is done is done--- 
Now, all I need to do is wait for my hair to be long again. 

When I realise I cannot do anything to my hair with heat, 
I thought of colouring it. 
I just can't stand looking at my hair like THAT. 
I need to do something to it or else I will be thinking about it every now and then. 
So, I've decided to give my hair a second try to Liese. 
I tried the really dark Chestnut Brown with only 2 or 3 stars.
This round, I did not hesitate at all in choosing the colour.
When I went to Yawata, I took the BRIGHTEST 5 stars colour: Milk tea Brown. 
I'm happy with the results, compared to Chestnut Brown.

If you were to dye your hair on a humid day (raining day), 
it is advisable to use a hair dryer to blow your hair after you have applied the cream.
It sounds unreasonable but trust me, it makes some vivid difference in your hair colour after washing.

Class party at Bustani Hotel. 
It's also our last meal with IPDA lecturers before leaving to UPSI.

Some photos.. 
I spent quite some time dealing with my hair and make-up.
So, overall I think I look much OK compared to my usual everyday's look.

Btw, my hair colour does look obvious here.
Liese. Under the light. 

Keluarga Angkat Mini Party at KFC
A few days before leaving IPDA, my family angkat in Kedah organised a mini farewell party for me.
Almost everyone was there.. 
They treated me KFC and gave me some presents. 
Thanks people! I'm gonna miss you people a lot!

Charlie bug, just beside me on my bed.
@@ It's a dangerous bug.
It appeared beside me on my last night at IPDA. = = " 

After finals...

Baking Cookies for CNY
CNY was just around the corner.
My family and I were busy cleaning up the house and baking cookies
Below are some photos of the baking process.

Family Tomyam Steamboat
We spent our Day 1, 2 and 3 at paternal and maternal grandma's house.. 
Here's some photos of my family's steamboat at home.
It's just a simple tomyam steamboat, cheap and convenient. 

Making Chill Sandwich

I have always wanted to make this chill sandwich since don't know when....
It's really easy to make. 
The photos are arranged in sequence. 
It's basically more a less like doing basic sandwich.
The only difference = you put the sandwiches into the refrigerator. 

Sunway Lagoon Trip 3d1n
I spent the 1 month holiday prior entering UPSI with Zi Yi, Jessica, Lay Cheng and Meilan. 
We went to Sunway Lagoon during Feb.. 
Some interesting events happened throughout the trip.

In my phone only got Zi Yi and my photos.
I'm too lazy to get the rest in Facebook.

Ziyi and Jessica 

The design looks nice. 

We thought we will eat at here.
but we didn't in the end.

It's a set meal.
I've forgotten what was its name.
It's not cheap, at all.
Cost: RM 17 ++

I like the salad. 
The sauce was delicious. 
Tasted something like tuna but not exactly. 

Kim gary's soup.

Secret Recipe's Cordon Bleu.
Really small compared to Jitra's.

Tidbits before the main meals are served.

I've forgotten what this was.

Back to CCS 
I drove there with my saga manual.
Hiak hiak... 
I'm always excited when I can drive.

It's supposedly a plain soup noodle but it tasted extraordinary good when you add some chili paste into it.
That's how my friends eat it.
I learned from them.

Sunrise Cafe

This Udon wok style bla bla...
It tasted super spicy.
Apparently I was too full at that time, so I had no appetite at all eating this dish.
It tasted awful to me.
Way too spicy and too ewww

Some I cannot remember where I took... 

Secret Recipe Tomyam Kung/Secret Recipe Tomyam noodle
I just only noticed, they were both almost the same dish.
The only difference was Tomyam Kung had a huge prawn. = =  " 
Rating : 10/10

Secret Recipe seafood spaghetti. 
Rating : 5/10

Sushi King's Udon 
Rating : 9/10 
The sauce is a little salty though. 

Jusco's chatime chocolate hazelnut RM 4.9/RM 5.9 
Really expensive though... 
Rating : 10/10

Bird nest and Ferero Rocher 
That's how I keep my fats in real good growth during this 1 month. 
@@ Keep eating and eating... 

Pizza Hut with Brother at Home

We ordered delivery. 
Two regulars on buy 1 free 1 promotion.

Valentines 2012

This was Valentines 2011 present. 

This year, he made me a video. ; ) 
I love it very much! 
Some people may not understand the video that well if you do not know both of us well enough.

My Toshiba 

Meet my new uni---
Proton City

Bus awaiting for passengers at Main Campus

E-learning building.
My classrooms at Main Campus.

The lecture hall. 
I think you probably will not be caught sleeping behind the monitor.
It's big and I think you won't be noticed. 

UPSI is a new place for me.
I had difficulties learning how to adapt to this new environment and roommate. 
Everything was too different from before and I hated it at first.
However, as time passed for a week, I started to feel better... 

It was only 1 week and I witnessed some of my "friends'" funny characters.
I couldn't believe how they can be so selfish in university. 
I was surprised and speechless when I knew some of their true colours.
It was frightening indeed. 
However, it taught me how to be tougher and independent in UPSI. 

I always believed that whenever you think you are great and superior, 
the level of luck will slowly decrease and one day...
You will face problems and misfortunes.
In my perception, friends should help one another but throughout my tertiary education life,
I realised that many people do not think the same way as I do.
It could be that I was too innocent and naive to step into the realistic world with an innocent mindset.
Anyway, all I wanted to say was: 
Never be proud or boastful with your achievements because one day, 
you will slip and fall hard. 

Friends are useful for mutual benefits. 
I never noticed this until I knew these people. 
They taught me how to see how fake and scary people's inner hearts were. 

It's OK to be ignored by my own "friends".
It's OK to be invisible. 
I learn more as people treat me like this.
In a way, I know that I can still survive well without you all.

=) I'm happy because I am not one of the rotten ones like you people. 
Peace exists in my world but not in the realistic world outside. 
The people in this society today are selfish and proud. 

Way too much of my point of views.... 
Back to the topic.... 

The few differences between IPDA and UPSI:
  1. If class is at 8 am, I need to wake up at 6.30 am and started waiting for bus at 7 am if I am at UPSI. If at IPDA, I can wake up at 7.30 am. 
  2. At UPSI, I need to do house cleaning by myself (toilet cleaning and bathroom cleaning etc). At IPDA, the worker does all. 
  3. At UPSI, I am still not used to talking to my roommate about many things... At IPDA, I have Siew Ing who acts as an elder sister to me. 
  4. At UPSI, I need to travel from one place to another using bus. At IPDA, all I need to do is just walk from hostel to campus. 
  5. Everything at UPSI is limited and expensive. At IPDA, it is not really THAT complete but at least you can get whatever you need (groceries and entertainment) with a low price.

Printed the RI when I'm at Malacca. 
Hmmph.... Seni Tari 2...
Wish me best of luck! 

Tanjung Malim > KL Pudu > LRT to TBS > Melaka Sentral
Tanjung Malim > Seremban > Melaka Sentral 

Along the journey, I encountered a few con men. 
KL is dangerous.
I wished I do not have to go home alone all the times..
=( HMPH...

The bus time... 
From KL to Tanjung Malim and vice versa.

Chicken rice at Taman Bernam.
Cost : RM 4.50 
Really expensive.
KL price.
I'm too used to IPDA's price.


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