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Monday, February 06, 2012
. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : =( 

One of the things I hated the most: Getting into a quarrel and ended without a conclusion, leaving me unable to sleep and all the stupid nightmares you can name of.

I prefer a fair match. Let's settle things right to the bottom and not leaving them half-hanging and declare draw. I am not asking for a victory or lose. All I want is just a conclusion. A good conclusion statement and not nothing is said but left there to settle on its own. I hate quarrels with no conclusion! 

If there is any dissatisfaction, why don't you spit it out! Why would you want to leave it there, just like that? As if it will be solved by itself.. 

I had a stupid nightmare again last night. I slept at 4.30-5 am. It is not a normal sleeping time for normal being. I had to make myself really exhausted in order to fall asleep. I wish you know how much I detest this feeling! The nightmare was another thing that increased my anger. Waking up with a heart pumping like being chased after 100 dogs. I can feel my heart throbbing so hard and rapidly. The fear was the most wicked thing! 

I hate to get into quarrels and ended up to be the one in blamed for everything. 

I am not a rubber. I am not THAT elastic. Once I got angry, I really need to take some time to slowly resolve it. 


  1. I am very impressed your relationship has lasted this long.

    1. = / Alright. Thanks. I'm happy that I can sustain this relationship for this long too. I'm hoping its validity is infinity. =)