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Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 month loans


“12 month loans” is a type of loan. I randomly bumped into this website : while I was searching for “which is the best loan?

Why I want to look for loan?
I’ve always been curious of how these loan system works. I have always been an ignorant person towards such subject. All these while, Dad and Mom made all the payment for the house and car. However, I’ve come to an age whereby I think I should know better about this stuff. I’m becoming 21 soon! XD Big girl!

“What is ‘12 month loans’?”
It is a type of loan which is getting more and more famous nowadays. In other words, it is a type of method whereby it allows many people to get their hands on quick and instant cash that will last for an extended payback period of up to a year. WOW! This sounds really good! Overall, the loans are geared up for people who are in work and earning  (in short, working class people) BUT haven’t got the required funds to pay upcoming bills (in short, still cannot afford to pay the upcoming bills). 

This type of loan is also recommended for people who have poor credit ratings or other credit issues that makes it difficult for them to get everyday loans from high street banks and building societies. No more worries and headaches for these people because 12 month payday loans providers do not bother about your credit history. They treat everybody with a clean slate. This sounds really good so far.

Another good thing about this type of loan is that it is a good way to pay back money over a year. This means that you can get some instant cash (the amount that you’ve borrowed) on things that you need to pay at that moment and pay back WITHIN a 12-month period.  You do not have to rush yourself to pay the entire sum in a short time but you’re given a period of like 1 year! You can slowly take your time to pay back.  

It also offers loan and short term lending. You’ll not be forced to take thousands of pounds out on loan if you do not need to. The loans range is about £100 to £2000. If you currently only need to lend a small amount to cover up your daily expenses (let’s say you just bought a laptop and needs some backup money for your electricity bills, water bills and etc), you can consider the short term lending.

Lastly, let’s ponder why people buy it? Answer: It’s just as simple as that, it offers flexible repayments! 


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