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Monday, May 07, 2012

I love power

I Love Power

Group work is a silly little thing,
Where some idiots do nothing,
They never really listen attentively,
And start mocking like they know correctly.

Stupid fools boil up my anger,
To the maximum most ever,
I tell myself I hate these people,
Because they are assholes who disrespect me.

You criticised and you laughed at me,
You think you are great but you are actually opposite,
Never once have I thought of today,
I had to bear the embarrassment of fury.

Wrath swallowed me entirely,
I hate and again I said I hate totally,
The damn fools outside who insult,
Thinking that they are clever but not.

The person whom is the person,
Rebuked and inclined with those women,
Disagreeing me because I am a female,
You think I'm useless but that is false.

One day shall one day be,
The day I show you who I can really be,
That is when you will know,
How foolish and stupid you are now.

I live under an umbrella of grey,
Ego was my yesterday's glory,
I lost it all when I met the person whom is the person,
I regretted and I want it all return.

Shadow of another man covered my fame,
Power and strength are all I aspire,
I knew I am more than what you think I am,
You never knew how far beyond I can aim.


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