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Friday, May 18, 2012


. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : sigh

Hello everyone who's reading my blog.

Mother's Day was last week. My brother and I celebrated it at Pei Zhen Restaurant. We paid the bill together. This is something which I have never dreamed of will happen.

Here's a picture of my happy family. XD cheers.

And this is my boyfriend. <3
Bought the sun glasses together at KL. 
Looking macho??


Ever since I entered UPSI, I realised that my life has changed tremendously. I became somebody whom I myself cannot recognise sometimes. Please do not ask me if I like who I am now because... I became who I am today because of the surroundings. 

I used to have jovial spirit in me but no longer now. I seem to live in my own world. I notice that, sometimes. However, I gotta tell you this honestly--- Sometimes, I really enjoy this kind of life. I feel good living in this way. At the very least, I do what I like and I don't have to bother so much about what/how others think. It's really such a pain to always think about how will others think of you before you decide to do something. Imagine, if this happens all the times--- Isn't that tiring? Ah- my ideology is unacceptable by some people but to me, it fits perfectly well. 

. . . 

Life has changed me so much so that I know I'm different today. I read somebody's blog and was suddenly reminded about the fact that one needs to be independent to survive in UPSI. That's very true--- You really can't depend on people, anyone. I had a good time learning how to be independent here. 
  • Check the timetable twice before going out. 
  • Be responsible of self punctuality. 
  • Be extra observant because if you were to wait for others, you'll be the last to know.
  • and many more... 
. . .  

My life seems to be restricted in this small room where I'm sleeping every night. It's so small that sometimes I really get very frustrated. It's too cramp to have 2 living humans occupied. If there's a choice, I really hope I can have a room myself next semester--- Perhaps, I'm just a person who simply enjoys peacefulness of living alone. This kind of tranquility is indescribable. I really enjoy it. 

Two things that I really hate about myself now:
- getting further from God 
- getting selfish 

I wish I can change. I really do BUT I'm afraid of being hurt by some idiots again. 

. . . 

I wonder how some people can love music so much so that they can hear it from morning to night. I really find it very irritating especially one is playing the same song over and over again. This gets worse when the songs are something which I cannot understand and have quick tempo. My frustration level will increase together with the tempo. The difference is that, the song will eventually comes to an end but my frustration will only increase and increase---- Because, I cannot stop it from entering my head. 

. . . 

I wish friends here are worth keeping. I always wish that. I always envy some of my friends, having a bunch of really cool, sporting and supportive friends. How lucky they are--- 

In my university life, I finally understood what it meant by "once a trust is broken, it is dead forever". It's true. I've lost trust and faith in somebody whom I thought could be my good and trusted friend in university. Things changed. Time made me see who that person really is. Should I hooray for knowing this earlier? It's a harsh fact. However, I'm getting used to it - the solitude life that nobody likes. 

. . . 

I'm writing emo stuff... Hmph... 

Till here then. 

I ate so much just now. Gotta drink a lot of green tea to get rid of those fats. I always believe that--- it will work. 

. . . 

I'm very busy. There are a lot of things to do-- My life is fully occupied. I've not much time for nonsense issues. Time is getting not enough because I am putting myself too much work load. Ah--- 


  1. that time will come for the change u've always wanted, under one condition; u're ready to initiate and make it happen. always have faith in that. =)

    1. True. When I'm ready to initiate and make it happen.. Thanks for reading. ;)