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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Premiere Capital Mortgage - Real Estate Home Loans


Aloha my dear blog readers--- What’s new to share with you guys today—
Let’s check out some home loan information which I came across a few days ago—this type of loan is suitable for Californians. If you are living in California, do consider this home loan company: Premiere Capital Mortgage. Click this link to go to their homepage:
This company is based in Murrieta, California and specialize in Murrieta, California home loans. It’s owned by John Lawrence who claimed that he has 20 years of rich experience in business making field.
“I have the expertise to make sure you get the Murrieta home loan that fits your unique experience” said John.
It sounds pretty good so far. His quote sounds quite convincing to me – He gives his words to his clients so I think he is quite trustworthy in that sense.

So here comes the question—What does this company really does?
Answer: Premiere Capital Mortgage offers Real Estate Home Loans.

What is good about it??
Well, John and his team mates claimed that they can work with home owners with less than perfect credit down to 580 score but also they have excellent and very fast closing programmes for those borrowers with excellent credit. Okay. Quite convincing and everything sounds good so far.

And next, what kind of service they offer??
Basically, this company offers help for home owners or potential home owners with their home loan financing needs. In simple words, they offer loans.

Here’s the interesting part--- There are many competitive loan companies but why you should opt for Premiere Capital Mortgage’s?? Check out the bullets below:
  • ·       have been in business for over 20 years (WOW—Strong and stabile company)
  • ·       have the expertise to get the job done and to close their home loan fast (Yea, who wants slow tortoise work? They are prompt)
  • ·       are honest and have the integrity to put the client first (Okay, this is quite important to me if I myself want to consider a loan. Honesty and customers’ always right are 2 important things which can really convince somebody to purchase your stuff. They have these 2 pros. Good)
  • ·      have competitive rates with many lenders to choose from and fast and efficient service (Being buyers, we always like to compare. It’s good when they provide such service)

Besides all those listed above, they also offer all types of financing programmes and can work with all types of credit situations (WOW! VARIETIES---!) They offer 100% financing, FHA, Conventional and VA. They can do a loan if you had a foreclosure and bankruptcy (Mmm hmm, mm hmm… Interesting). Their lowest credit score for FHA financing is 580. They can close your loan in less than 30 days. Not end yet! They wil also credit your appraisal fee at close of escrow (Oh escrow, I know this. Secure payment system sort of stuff—Elance has this, its function is to er, secure your payment). Referrals are always welcomed.

All in all, for loan seeking Californians, if you are still finding high and low for loan company, do consider this company. They offer quite a number of goodies—here’s their website-- 

NOTE: They only do loans in California--- ;) 

Do remember to drop by yea! 

Below is some sort of banner of a summary of their service for a quick glance through.


  1. The spread of mortgage lending services online is a home buyer's dream as it takes far less time and broadens the options for finding a loan. However, just like any offline transaction, it is very important that you understand the interest rate, payment amounts and term of the loan before signing on the dotted line. You could get yourself into a serious financial dilemma just because of some misunderstood loan terms.

    David from

    1. Hi David,

      I appreciate your advice. I'm writing this advertorial on behalf of this company. =) It's just to let people know that there is this company offering this kind of loan. I'm not responsible of any users' misfortune while dealing with this loan.


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