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Friday, June 22, 2012

My... Wishes a.k.a. Dreams

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood: Hmph---

There are many things in life which I would like to do..
They are just too many, which I can't list whenever I feel like writing them down--
Let's think 1 by 1...

I want to get married before 24 years old. x.x
This sounds crazy but it's true. That's my dream. I don't understand why everybody finds it so embarrassing or difficult to tell people that that they WANT to get MARRIED, especially the ladies. It's not wrong-- The world is so modern today. Whoever voices it out first doesn't really matter to me-- What's important is the two have plan-- Everything should be planned early. I don't understand why we shouldn't. Marriage is not a small issue. To get married, it's not easy at all. You need to:
- have money
- have a matured mind
- gain favoritism in your partner's parents eyes
- reach the normal age of getting married
These few are the most difficult ones-- I wondered if I have achieved any so far.. For sure, I will always fail in 1 of the points listed above. I wonder when I will be liked. It's just too difficult, so difficult that nothing seems more difficult than that--- At times, I really feel very angry and disappointed but I just couldn't stop trying because continuous trials are my only way out to a bright day. I just pray that the day will come soon-- It's really a torture. I wish that somebody knows..

I want my marriage to be grand. I don't necessary want it to be in the hotel. I just want my wedding to be held in the church (this is a must because it's a dream of mine since young). I want to wear the most beautiful gown-- Awww, just like a little girl grown up to be a fair lady and in the process of continuing the next stage in life. I want to walk into the hall, the aisle with my husband. I want everyone to feel happy for me. I want his family's blessings, as well as my family's. I hope that my wedding day is a day that I'll always be proud of and will be a memorable one. It need not be very grand and luxury.. What important is memorable-- 

 I want to get married before I am posted to somewhere else in Malaysia by KPM. I want to have a stable life. I want a family of my own, a united family. I don't want to be separated with my loved one for years-- I don't want, I don't want, I don't want---- 

I want to slim down and makes everybody WOW
I always wanted to slim down. I used to slim down successfully when I was 16 years old. From 64 KG, I managed to slim down to 55 KG. Quite amusing KG reducing result uh? Too bad, a few years later, especially at the age of 18, my weight gone up crazily because I didn't control my diet well. I ate whatever I like, as though my stomach is a garbage bin *urgh* I just eat, eat and eat-- Anything that is edible, I'll fill them into my stomach. I just can't stop the temptation of eating. What's worse that adds on my increasing of weight is the fact that I do not like exercise.

Currently, I'm working hard on my diet-- I managed to keep to my promise so far. I went for sports/exercise for at least 1 hour a day. I usually breeze walk/fast walk/walk/run/jog for 5.5 KM in 1 hour time. Sometimes, I combined my exercise with aerobics, which is my favourite. I like aerobics. It's fun though sometimes I feel like my heart can't work hand in hand with my body-- It is not able to pump as much needed oxygen to my brain and body. I love aerobics, in short. It's a fun activity that makes you sweat like you just came back from the shower rain.

Why I want to slim down? It's semester break now-- Why I wanna diet... Well, I want to slim down because... I want to prove to somebody that--- I can slim down. I can be pretty if I want to. Who is ugly by the way? Everybody is pretty in their own ways.. What makes a girl labelled as ugly most often is because she's fat. You hardly hear people critiques a slender girl as ugly. Why? Cuz this world is just as such-- Slender ladies are always given the titles as 'beautiful' despite the fact that they might just look so-so only.

I can't remember----
I wanna go and bathe now.
All sweat.

Thank you for reading my blabbering--


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