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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

July - August Updates

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Recently, my blog is a little deserted because I'm too busy to update it.

During this semester holiday, I spent a lot of time on work, dramas and exercise (at the beginning of it). Then, I neglected exercise and back to the bad routine. Sleep at 2 am and wake up at 10 am. Sufficient hours of sleep every night without feeling tired the next morning. If you were to ask me why I don't sleep at the normal hour.. I can only tell you that my brain fixes 2 am is the time I should shut everything down. Before that, I have so many things to do - work and drama. 

Some people choose to spend their holiday on leisure activities but I chose to work. Money somehow is really important no matter how you deny it. Without money, there's just too many things that you can't do in life. Worth it or not is subjected to the individual.. When you gain something on one hand, you're definitely gonna lose the one on the other hand. That's just.. life.

Let's share some photos about what I do recently--- 

My lovely friends celebrate my birthday for me at Breeks Cafe. I really love Breeks Cafe lately. I have their member card but too bad, it is only applicable on ala carte items. = / I like set meals. 

Friends Celebrate My 21st Birthday 

Jessica and I. 
The dress that I wore for the day. 
There's supposed to be a white belt around my waist. 
I took it off because....... lol......

Some ugly faces moment after the celebration. 
I was in a hurry to attend another dinner. 

Awww my presents by Zi Yi and Jessica. 
<3 them very much. 
Especially the Vincci bag. ;) 
Gold and black are really good combination colours. 
It suites me. ;) 

Here's my solo photo while waiting for Zi Yi to bring back my cakes. ;)

Taken by Breeks Cafe's worker. 


A Journey to Kampar

At TBS Subway 
I look a little tired here... =(
I slept pretty late the night before that. 
And had to wake up really early..
So.. expected.
I don't look okay when I look tired..... 

The bus fare from Malacca to Kampar 
Melaka Sentral --> TBS = RM 12+ (1 and a half - 2 hours journey)
TBS --> Kampar = RM 16+ (2 hours and 45 minutes journey)

When the bus got out from the highway, we reached a place called Tapah. 
I thought we were near to Kampar already... 
And guess what----- 
It took the bus approximately 45 minutes later to reach Kampar.... x.x 
I have this false assumption that after a bus got out from highway, the destination should be near.
I was wrong. 

When we reach Kampar bus station finally---- 
Zi Yi and I went to the famous curry chicken bun restaurant. 
It's just nearby the bus station (it doesn't really look like a big bus station actually...)

Before cutting. 
Aunty cut for us.

This bun... is huge. 
There are only 2 people eating - Zi Yi and I. 
It's really crazy that we 2 can manage to eat almost all. 
It costs: RM 28 
It tastes really good though. ;) 
A well known delicacy in Kampar. 

Clean. x.x

Zi Yi's S2 photo application effect. 

Me, after eating. 
but satisfied.


We managed to go to Kampar's pasar malam..... 
Well, I gotta admit that it is really big.. 
it looks like Jonker... 
Selling a lot of Chinese food... 
You can find various stuff there--- 
- Sushi, Dim Sum, Economic bihun/noodle, bubble tea, grill chicken... 
those yummy stuff that you will never find in a Malay dominated pasar malam. = / 
In Jitra and Tanjung Malim, the pasar malam that we have sell: 
- apam balik, Economic bihun/noodle, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Ayam, lekor, goreng pisang... 
You can never find sushi and dim sum... sob sob.... 

They wanted to buy more.... 
I said enough.......

Asam laksa noodle - my favourite.
The Tao Ki doesn't taste that good though... tasteless.
The noodle sauce is a little spicy though. Not that good. 

Sushi wrapped in popia. 
This taste awesome! 
Kind of expensive though. 
4 for RM 2.50 

Fake sharkfin soup
Lol... We 3 drank half only..... 

Grilled BBQ chicken.
They fried it first.. 
Then grill with BBQ sauce. 
It costs around RM 6-7. 
Taste good. Not really very oily.

And done! 


Jessica's Siakap fish...
Sweet and sour..
A little too sweet though but it's really kind of her. 

Zi Yi and I found this while we're preparing the steamboat soup---- 
This thing is Ajinomoto... 
And it's written there, 
"Drink this in the morning with an empty stomach by mixing luke warm water and 1 teaspoon of ajinomoto. Drink for 1 week continuously"  
I really doubt this 'sifu' method.

Oh ignore my facial expression.
Just wanna show a picture of myself from top to bottom. 
It's unlikely to capture photo like this.

We were waiting for Jessica to return from class.

Zi Yi and I were preparing steamboat soup. 

Bought these from Pasar Malam.

First time drink Ochado---
Okay okay. Jessica's Oreo tastes good. 

While waiting for the soup to boil---- 


Celebrate Jessica's birthday.. at Secret Recipe.

Had chee cheung fun and fried chicken on the last day as breakfast. 

And this photo..
Taken by Zi Yi--- 


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