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Monday, February 18, 2013

New House in Tanjung Malim

It's a new semester again. I am currently pursuing my 3rd year of degree in semester 5. Time flies. From IPDA, Kedah, I came to this small town called Tanjung Malim to study in UPSI. One year has passed by and I still have 1 more year to go at here before I need to shift back to Kedah. Somehow, I prefer to stay in Kedah because I feel more homey there. At here, I don't think I enjoy it that much.. For various reasons, I still think IPDA is the best institution with the best accommodation.

In the past 1 month holiday, I spent most of my time working and going out with my friends. Chinese New Year went by in a blink of eye and now- It's time to study again. Humph.

Due to some administration reasons, I have to stay outside for 1 month. So, here's some photos of how my 1 month rent house looks like. It is a very nice place to stay with really nice and amiable tenants. They are helpful and really nice to stay with (okay-it could be too early to judge because today is just the first day of shifting in). I kind of like this place because it is well-equipped with facilities that hostel doesn't have.

So, a few stairs to climb before you can reach your room. 
It's way better compared to hostel - 
like my boyfriend, he has to climb 4 levels of stairs before he can reach his room.

Ever since I started my tertiary education, I hardly watch TV anymore.

So here's my room and little portable RM 50 mattress. 
The previous owner didn't leave any mattress (unlucky for me).
So, I have to use this thin mattress temporarily for this 1 month. 
The image probably doesn't show you clearly how spacious the room is.. 
BUT trust me, it's really HUGE!
It's the master bed room and I'm sharing with a girl. 
I cannot imagine how torturing it'll be for me to pack those stuff again when I need to shift into the hostel. 

So here's the desk in my room. 
It's basically more a less like the size of desk in old KHAR hostel. 
I have nothing much to comment about this. 
It is good enough as long as I can use it for work and assignments.

Okay here comes the hero. 
The refrigerator. 
Something that the hostel can never have, unless you're an international student.
With a refrigerator, everything becomes so convenient. 
You can store so many things inside and it's lucky too that most of the tenants here don't store much things inside.
There's still ample space to put my stuff in. 

So here's the another side of the kitchen..
where you put your cookery stuff.

And here's the stove area. 
The basin is huge. 
It's easy to wash your dishes here.

Here's bathroom number 1. 
The toilet is said to be spoiled but the second one is good to use. 
It's big too.. so much bigger compared to old KHAR hostel's bathroom *recall-- argh!* 
I feel so happy using this bathroom because it's clean and people don't put their shampoo and everything inside. 
Everybody shares it together and makes it convenient for everybody. 
That should be the way!

Place to dry clothes. 

The second place to dry clothes at the side. 
Argh- how convenient! 
Unlike old KHAR..... 
Everybody has to line their clothes super close just to get that limited sunlight. 

Basically, this house/room is fabulous. 
The rental per month is RM 130 not including electricity and water bill yet. 
It's presumed to be additional RM 20 which makes it a total of roughly RM 150 per month. 
Worth it?

I wish to stay here for the whole semester but.. 
it's kind of costly to spend 1k for something that I am given for free. 
=( So, most probably I'll only take this as a 1 month home stay. 


  1. Hi... I'm writing to ask you if there are more reasonable place to stay with low price? my friends and I are taking a crash course master degree and have spent 2 weeks here for the first sem. we wish to find a place with reasonable price and good living condition...
    Kelvin 06/06/2013

  2. hi,recently im finding a room to rent..can u give me d house owner's contact number?