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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Semester Break Resolutions

It's a little too soon to write about my coming sem break resolutions but I just feel like listing them down so that I will always have them in mind.

Semester Break Resolutions

  1. Go to Bali with my family. Snap some wonderful photos. Purchase some hand made scrub soaps. I kind of like the strawberry scent soap. 
  2. Go to Taiwan with my lovely bff. Meet up some Taiwanese friends if I could. Go wonder around delicious delicacies. 
  3. Continuously put in effort in slimming down so that my weight figure hits 5X kg. I need to get rid at least a few more kilos to reach that target. I can do it! 
  4. Make myself look gorgeous (LMAO) and more confident. It's a long process and a lot of things need to be learnt to achieve that result. I am gonna work hard for it. Let's start with losing some weight first. 
  5. Meet up with Yit Zen at Malacca. 
  6. Go to Singapore to shop for cheap clothes with Poh Yong (tentatively, I hope I can make it)
  7. Compose a song. I really hope that I can make it. Just one song. I'm not greedy. I know I'm not really a gifted person in music but I hope that extra effort is able to push me to do that. I'm gonna get either a Kawai or Yamaha to do it. 
  8. Teach English? A high possibility no.. I'm too busy for the short 2 months holiday. =( It's definitely gonna be a splendid experience to teach English - well, that's what I'll be teaching in the future. 
  9. Buy new clothes. I hate it when I open the closet, I don't have much choices of clothes. Perhaps before the semester ends, I need to go to KL with my roommate to hunt for some clothes. =( It's just so limited - 
  10. Be happy and try to be myself. I am losing track of myself lately. I wonder why. It isn't healthy. I'm not really doing good. Somehow.. I just need to find myself back. Also, I need to be more matured.. in terms of things that I say and think. 
I guess that's all for now. Time for assignments! 


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