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Friday, May 24, 2013

Updates of my life

It has been months since I last updated my blog. I have been so busy with a few things:

  • Band practice 
  • Outings at mamak 
  • Assignments 
  • Online works 
This semester is really hectic for me. I have so many things to do without realizing how little time I have. I am glad that most of my assignments are submitted. For the first time, I did my work so last-minute.. as in tomorrow is the submission date and I am just about to begin the night before it. This is crazy. I really have to do something to it. I must not let this happen again next semester. I need to plan my time well and be independent. 

The serenity in the morning is a bliss. I slept at 1 a.m. after talking with my roommate. Then, I woke up automatically around 5.30 a.m. I will need a little short nap while I'm in the bus to KL later. Whee- going to KL with my band members. They are really very awesome people. 

Never have I thought that I would be able to participate in a band. All these took place because my housemate, Vickie invited me to go and try to play the piano. I am glad that I am part of the band because I really learnt a lot and had lots of fun being with them. This little time spent here in UPSI will definitely be a moment in life that I will always look back and smile. 

The three songs which I have prepared myself to perform are: 
  • 温柔《五月天》
  • 美丽的神话《孙楠》
  • 阳光宅男《周杰伦》
On the performance night, I was able to play only 2 songs because some songs were suddenly called off due to some reasons. It doesn't matter whether all 3 songs that I have practised will be performed because the process of reaching to the final day is what I cherish the most. 

In this semester, I have learnt so much through tears and joy.
  • Be confident. Yes. I really need to learn to be confident in myself, especially in fields that I am not good in. Continuous effort surely will prove some improvement. 
  • Be joyful even though I am facing some nasty moment in life. I used to find it difficult to smile or be happy when I feel tired. My emotions will be easily evoked and my mood will be changed to gloomy. However, as time passes, I learn how to control my emotions well. I'm glad that I have acquired this.. skill. 
  • Be kind. To everyone. Expect nothing in return but just be kind when I feel that I want to. Do more compliments rather than condemns. I'm in the process of learning this. Also, be a good listener rather than a busy talker. Everyone loves to be listened to. 
  • Accept changes. True. Many things in life have to happen because they simply have to. I cannot prohibit certain things from taking place in life. I just need to learn how to accept them. I am doing well now.

I spent so much time with these people in this semester. 
They are really very awesome and talented people in music. 

Welcome to be part of us if you are interested in music. 
We are recruiting crews to make the After Four band a successful one in UPSI. 

A solo photo taken by Vickie. 
A dream. that I never thought will come true one day. 


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