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Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Everything in this world has progressed to be technology integrated to achieve a better quality. This is applicable to the essential stage of a growing up child to learn to pronounce his/her name correctly. Children learn the best when they are young. By giving them a lot of exposure on different knowledge, they tend to pick up very quickly just like a sponge dipped into the pot of water.

For parents who named your child with a difficult-to-pronounce name, you can consider Custom4Kids service. They provide excellent and interesting products which function to teach your child how to pronounce their own name.

  • CD’s
  • Books
  • Name Trains
  • Magic Pens

Dear Custom 4 Kids, 
I would like to take a moment to Thank you for the CD you made for me. I was getting very frustrated trying to find a company that would make a childs CD with my new nephews name, Zaydyn. I sent out numerous e-mails to companies who claimed that they would make songs with any childs name, to ask them to help me. I only got one response, which was from your company. I was so impressed with the customer service and the pricing was very incredible. Custom 4 Kids was true to their word and they told me how long it would take, (which by the way as only 2 weeks) and when I received the CD, I was delighted. The songs were age appropriate and had very “catchy” tunes. Zaydyn listens to this CD while playing with his toys and even while riding in the car. He absolutely loves hearing his name so many times within each song. With most companies, after you have purchased their product, they forget about you, but Custom 4 Kids really cared about how both Zaydyn and I liked the product. They even sent me an email for a second edition CD for this name. I am really “WOW’d” with Custom 4 Kids and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase a unique gift for a child. It really does make a child feel extra special to hear their own name so many times in a song. Thanks, Custom 4 Kids! 
Jody WBare, Vermont
All the music made in this CD is personalized and what makes them even more unique is that – your child’s name will be sung 63 times over 9 songs! Amazing, isn’t it? In addition, they are recorded with the highest professional standards, and the names are sung live, so they never sound “dubbed” in.

There are 2 types:
Small books: $10.99 (not including shipping fee)
Giant books: $12.99 (not including shipping fee)
These books are written with your child’s name as main character. They are made and printed to order – therefore there are no restrictions in the way names are spelled. It is essential to make sure that you have spelled your child’s name exactly the way you want it to be printed when ordering. All stories are creatively and thoughtfully written to convey positive, wholesome messages. The illustrations are colourfully drawn to maximize a child’s sensory enjoyment while reading.

NAME TRAINS for Brio sets from Maple Landmark
Cost: Each letter is $3.95 (not including shipping fee)
As the name suggests, this product is a train made up of letters that constitute your child’s name. Letters are 2.5” high, others are 2”. The material used is hard rock maple with run-resistant stain to let the grain show through. An Engine is black, the caboose red. It is definitely a personalized and cute looking train toy gift which is made up or your child’s name.

Cost: $21.99/set (not including shipping fee)
10 magic pens come in a set in a box. They can change colours and erase at the same time. That is why it is called magic pen? Also, you will receive a special triple changer “Magic Wand” and erase white pen in each box. Basically, this is a fun pen for your child to learn how to write. The functions of the pen which are “magical” will certainly attract your child’s curiosity and attention.

Official website:
Address: P.O. Box 805 la Jolla, CA 92038
Phone: 858 412 0944
Fax: 858 228 9194


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