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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spellbinder Season 1

Spellbinder Season 1 

I would like to specially thank Sheng Yuan, a friend of mine who could recall the title of this TV series. I was desperately thinking hard what the title of this show. I couldn't even remember how old I were when I watched this on TV. I only remembered parts of the scenes where there was a boat or machine and lots of wires that connect electricity - it is able to bring somebody from somewhere to another place - like magic. After watching, then only I know - it wasn't a story about going back to the past - it's plot is about going into a different dimensional world. In other words, it's a TV series acted by teenagers who enter a parallel world. I simply love this TV series to the maximum. I'm so happy that I've found them on Youtube. I'd be happier if I could download them down. To my disappointment, Youtube has recently changed their settings and I cannot view them after downloading. Nevertheless, the buffering rate is horrendously slow!

Season 1:
Episode 1: The Big Bang

Episode 2: Where Am I?

Episode 3: Finding The Way Home

Episode 4: It Isn't Magic, It's Science!

Episode 5: Secrets

Episode 6: Show Me Your World

Episode 7: The Gunpowder Plot

Episode 8: Secrets of The Spellbinders

Episode 9: The Labyrinth

Episode 10: Desperate Measures

Episode 11: The Center of Power

Episode 12: Spellbinder Jack

Episode 13: The Final Challenge

Episode 14: Lost And Found

Episode 15: Hospitality

Episode 16: Breakout

Episode 17: The Trojan Horse Trolley

Episode 18: Run!

Episode 19: Reunions

Episode 20: Alien Invasion

Episode 21: Hunt for Ashka

Episode 22: Clowning Around

Episode 23: High Tech Power Suit

Episode 24: A Spellbinder In The House

Episode 25: Breakfast of Champions

Episode 26: Flight

Protagonist: Paul, Rhianna, Katrina, Alex 
Antagonist: Ashka, Grevon 

Many people raved about the first season of Spellbinders, claiming that it is better than the second season. I personally thought so either when I first started to watch the first few episodes of season 2. However, when I watched till almost half way, I noticed that season 2 had its own uniqueness as well. I wouldn't say I like which season better but I would definitely praise the producer and writer for coming out with such wonderful and amazing masterpiece. Both seasons are equally interesting and exciting to watch. It's never too old to watch this series. It's just as good as the Vampire Diaries for me. I am hardly so crazy over any dramas and when I do, they are certainly good series that worth watching regardless of what year it is. 

I seriously hate Ashka but she did performed very well in carrying out her role as the antagonist in the series. She was really very evil and I somehow couldn't stand laughing at some of the comments written by some people on Youtube. Some people claimed that she looked like his school teacher - equally evil and wicked. Haha - A round of applause for her but still, I hate her when I'm watching the series. She is too clever and wicked at the same time. Her power suite is seriously very powerful. Grevon is her apprentice  a stupid fool who is easily manipulated by Ashhka. It's funny to see some people giving remarks saying that "Grevon" is the worst name that she ever heard - sounds like a name from the Lord of the Rings era. Haha -

Paul is a very courageous and daring young boy. However, at times, he is quite rude towards Katrina. He is an emotional boy who somehow doesn't care much about other people's feelings when he talks. Thus, he tends to offend the ladies easily. In the series, he offended Rhianna and Katrina for being blunt with his words. 

As for Katrina and Alex, the good buddies of Paul - I personally really like these two characters. I love the humorous Alex and the intelligent Katrina. Their conversations are really witty and it's just too adorable to see this pair of teenagers pretending to date one another when they are in the process of saving Paul from the Spellbinder's world. 

Rhianna is a very smart Spellbinder's world teenager. Despite of being raised in such an environment whereby knowledge is forbidden to have, she learns very quickly. She plays a good role as Rhianna and I definitely like the way she acts - courageous and daring. 

I would like to especially praise one more character in the series - who is Correon. I really love him for he is a fair and intelligent region spellbinder. He doesn't judge falsely but instead values intelligent people. I love the way he appears as a warrior in the series, saving Paul and Rhianna from the evil Ashka. He is a warrior in my eyes despite of his old age. He is indeed not a battle partner compatible to the young Ashka. However, he earns my respect. 

I'll blog about Season 2 when I'm done watching. I've currently watched until Episode 16.

I'd like to thank the person who uploaded this series: Lee Shin Tuấn Nguyễn

Thank you very much. You really brought back a lot of good memories for me. 


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