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Saturday, January 18, 2014

German Piggies

Everybody is busy preparing for Chinese New Year. Though I won't be able to stay for long in Malacca this year for CNY due to the early start of practicum, I'm still enthusiastic with cookies making. Previously, I've done butter cookies in floral shape. This time, I made the famous German piggies cookies. It's a whole-load of work cookies but it's definitely worth the time after you have them stored in the containers. The piggies look just too adorable to be eaten.

Aren't they adorable? 
Make some today! 

German Piggies Cookies 
Original recipe taken from Fenni Wong 

For beginners, you'll take approximately 
3-4 hours to complete this batch of recipe which can yield about 52 - 70 piggies. 
It is not difficult but a lot of tedious and patient work. You need passion to complete this. =) 

250g butter (room temperature) 
80g icing sugar (powdered sugar) 
250g potato starch 
180g low protein flour (cake flour)
4 teaspoons of milk powder (you can substitute this with other powder such as cocoa powder/green pea powder/almond powder/cake flour if you do not like milk flavour) 
Red food colouring 
Chocolate rice (for the eyes) 

Hand whisk 
Weighing scale 
Satay stick 
Baking tray 

  1. Mix butter and sugar in a bowl using hand whisk until well blended - need not until fluffy. 
  2. Mix in sieved milk powder, low protein flour and potato starch one after anther. 
  3. Knead everything into a dough and store inside the fridge for approximately 20-40 minutes. 
  4. Divide 1/5 of the dough and mix a few drops of red colouring. 
  5. Separate the two dough into two separate bowls - start shaping your piggies with your satay stick. Pointy edge is for ears and the thick cylinder edge is for nose. 
Below are some illustrations. 

Butter and sugar first - you just need to mix the mixture well, don't beat it until fluffy. 
Add in milk powder, low protein flour and potato starch. 
Mix well and knead into a dough. 
Store in the refrigerator to chill so that it's easier to work with your dough. 

I separated mine into 1/3 to be made the red dough.
It's too much. 
For this batch of recipe, you can yield 52 piggies. 
So, if you want to do only 1 batch and settle everything, I think you should use 1/5 to be made into red dough.

The second batch cookies to be baked last night. 

Before and after baked piggies.
Baked piggies will collapsed a little - 
do not over bake it with high temperature or else your cookies will break. 

Store them in air tight container after they have chilled. 
Children will definitely love these cookies. 


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