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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New movie Women Rules


As Seen On CNN's iReport

New movie Women Rules – In a world where Women rule the world & Men hate it

Reviewing the synopsis of this film before interviewing writer/director Vinay Pujara we gathered that this film, “Women Rules” has been one of the most difficult scripts Mr. Pujara has ever worked on.

It took him over 12 months to write it. As hard as it is to believe even today in 2014, women across the globe still face gender inequality in different forms including abuse, molestation and sexual harassment among others and the film just shows how men would react in the same situation.

“My advice to men like me is to watch this film with an open mind. The concept of the film revolves around women and men interchanging the roles of real world. The same is seen a way to demonstrate the gender inequality of the present times and the problems faced by women.

The biggest challenge is to create a different world & make the Audience believe where Men & Women swap their roles. Men do what Women do in real life & Women do what Men do in real life. This film is a very innovative concept such as no film has ever been made in Hollywood with this perspective.

Currently we are building our production budget via the official indiegogo film campaign.” said, Vinay Pujara writer/director

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