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Friday, June 20, 2014

Cloud Storage Top 10


Is your laptop or computer getting slower and slower each day? It is probably due to excess data storage in your hard disk drive. There are so many things to keep over the years of using and you may not possibly have enough to store everything if you do not own an external hard disk.

In the end, the data which is stored in the limited space of your hard disk drive will cause ‘congestion’ and make everything performs slowly than it should be. This will get you really frustrated as you will be likely to face cases like ‘hang’ or ‘jam’ while you are using/playing.

The solution for this is clearly to get the data out to somewhere else. What will your choice be? External hard disk? How many do you plan to invest if let’s say you have load of data stored and more to come in the future? One or two hard disks will not be your solution forever. So, I have a better suggestion for you today. Try cloud storage. Haven’t heard of it? Continue reading to know more.

I’ve come across a useful site which summarizes the top 10 of the well known crème of the crème cloud storage sites. It is important to filter and know which one is the best. This is because there are just way too many different types of similar service provided on the Internet. Without a good review site, you will not know which one is the best to use.

From CloudStorageTop10 website, you have 10 good selected providers in 2014 to choose from. The unlimited disk space providers include Just Cloud, My PC Backup, Backup Genie, Zip Cloud, Live Drive and Back Blaze. The other providers have limited quota of space ranging from 50 GB to 125 GB.

They also have this scoring system for the listed providers based on the aspects of features, support, price, storage space and user assistance of which each carries 10%. Based on the record, Just Cloud has the highest (100%), followed by My PC Backup and Backup Genie (of which both share similar score of 98%). In terms of price, they are not really that expensive. The prices range from £1.95 – 9.95.

I have checked out the reviews recorded by CloudStorageTop10 on my preferred provider – Just Cloud. I feel that it is written precisely with examples and elaborations. Though the review is written in a quite lengthy paragraph style, it is well organized with the aid of point forms. It is still easily comprehensible and honest. Good job done on the review. Nevertheless, they also have a quick button at the bottom to allow reader to reach the provider easily without having to retype and source from Google.

All in all, I do think that CloudStorageTop10 has done a good job in reviewing the 2014 top 10 providers for cloud storage. The information is reliable and serves as a good reference for people who are looking for cloud storage. Did I forget to mention one more thing? You get these reviews and scores free of charge. It is just like a perfect summary sheet which tells you exactly which to choose from. You can save all the hassle and time on digging the list of providers for cloud storage on the Internet and have to filter one by one yourself. 


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