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Friday, July 04, 2014

Pixify Pro Photo Editor Mobile App

Almost all of my friends have more than one camera app in their smart phone. The question is – which one is the best one? Sometimes, you just don’t have time to slowly edit the picture using different apps. Wouldn’t it be great to get everything done using one app and publish it straight to any social media page?

A famous developer named Michael Rosseel has invented a mobile app which I find really cool and impressive. It’s called Pixify Pro photo editor. Here’s a little information about the developer if you are curious about who he is. Michael is self-taught iOS developer based in Belgium that specializes in creative apps. The Pixify Pro is the product of collaboration between Michael and other designers and programmers from around the globe.

More details about the Pixify Pro. This app features a full suite of powerful photo editing and enhancing tools built on the most stable photo editing engine. Previously, I have used a few photo editing apps which I uninstalled 10 minutes after I installed it. Why? They performed too slow with too many unfamiliar and non-user friendly buttons. Unlike the Pixify Pro, everything is easy to comprehend and navigate. It is made up of intuitive interface which makes it easy to edit photos in seconds.

What is so special about the Pixify Pro? Unlike many other photo apps outside, Pixify Pro offers a great variety of editing tools. It is like a multi-function all-in-one app to get everything done quickly in one shot. Some of the effects included in Pixify Pro include filters, frames, on-tap auto enhance, text and doodle tools, crop tools, and colourful stickers. It also features professional quality cosmetic tools including red eye removal, blemish removal, and teeth whitening (something new! I have not come across any app with this function). Other than that, they also have the basic features such as photo brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth (something different!) adjustment settings.

I have used quite a number of photo editing apps ever since I bought my first smart phone. Many apps are not convenient and have been eliminated from my list because of two reasons:
  • Performing too slow and making my phone lag.
  • Limited or scattered functions in the app.

I find that Pixify Pro is a wonderful choice because it does not only contain everything you need to edit your photo, it also allows edited picture to be shared using email, Twitter, Facebok or any other photo sharing app straight away. Take the famous Mei Tu Xiu Xiu photo editing app for example, it allows photo to be shared on wei bo only. This is probably because the app is owned by China based company. They don’t use Facebook. It is not very convenient for people who are active on Facebook and Twitter. Often, I have to go out from the app and go to the album to share the picture on Facebook. This is very troublesome at times.

To sum up all the benefits of Pixify Pro:
  • Dozens of professional quality filters (yes, good ones; unlike those cheap and urgh bad filters in some apps, making your photos looking even worse than before)
  • A full set of photo enhancing tools.
  • Add text, doodles, or stickers to your photos.
  • Cosmetic enhancements including red eye removal and teeth whitening (I really like the teeth whitening feature. I feel that it is quite embarrassing sometimes when you only notice your teeth is not that clean after you have drank a cup of black coffee)
  • Share your creations on Twitter and Facebook (I totally love this because none of my photo app has this function)

Like Whatsap, you are paying to enjoy the service. This app is not expensive. It is available now for only $1.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (requires iOS 6.0 or later). You can get it from this App Store link HERE. Remember to get one today! It is really worth it to get good edited photos that will bring compliments from people later on. 


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