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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Heavy Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Yesterday, I baked a heavy chocolate chiffon cake. This is the "tang-mian" 烫面 version of chiffon cake which grants extra moisture and low-possibility-shrinkage.

Heavy Chocolate Chiffon Cake 
Original recipe by: Samantha Needs Vacation 

20cm chiffon mold (I'm using 22cm, thus it doesn't grow that tall you see) 
Electric hand mixer
Weighing scale
Mixing bowls
Non-stick pan with bowls (for double boiling purpose) 

Egg yolk batter 
5 egg yolks
20g sugar
70g milk
60g Canola coking oil
85g bittersweet chocolate
80g cake flour (low protein flour) (sifted)
15g cocoa powder (sifted)

Egg white batter
5 egg whites
70g sugar
1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar


  1. Pre-egg yolk batter preparation: Whisk egg yolk and sugar until thicken and the colour turns pale yellowish. Put aside  
  2. Flour preparation: Sieve cake flour and cocoa powder twice. Mix the two types of flour together. Put aside ready to be used later. 
  3. Liquid mixture preparation: By using double boiling method, heat up oil and milk. Stir continuously. Remove from heat. 
  4. Chocolate preparation: By using double boiling method, melt the chocolate. Stir continuously. 
  5. Mixing mixtures: Mix the liquid mixture together with the egg yolk batter using a whisk. 
  6. Adding in flour: Add in flour mixture into the mixed mixture in (4). Fold well. 
  7. Egg yolk batter: Add in melted chocolate after the flour. Fold well. The egg yolk batter is ready. Keep aside to be used later.  
  8. Egg white batter: Whisk egg whites until huge bubbles are formed. Add in cream of tartar. Continue whisking until you reach stiff peak stage. 
  9. Cake batter: Scoop 1/3 of the egg white batter into the egg yolk batter. Use folding chiffon method. Pour the mixture into the remaining egg white mixture and fold well. 
  10. Bake: Pour the cake batter into the mold. Knock a few times on the table before placing it into the oven. Bake at 160 degree Celsius for 55 minutes. 
  11. After bake: Overturn the cake onto a cooling rack. Let it cool completely before removing the mold. The cake is ready to be served. You may chill it for better taste. 

There are some mistakes done while I'm making this cake. 
I shouldn't have mixed in the flour that early in picture (3). I should only mix it in picture (6).
The text steps are relevant. 
The above pictures are to show illustration of the batter only. 

It's always scary for me to do chocolate cake 
It usually doesn't rise that well because chocolate batter deflates egg white easily. 
Luckily, it still rises pretty high. 
XD Ta-dahz 


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