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Monday, August 11, 2014

Raise Your Paddlez


Bidding online is getting more and more common as people are getting what they want conveniently from the Internet. Purchasing online in fact reduces the risk of getting robbed as you do not have to carry that much of money out on the street. On the contrary, there is of course a certain degree of risk for cyber crime to take place if you are not wise enough in picking the right site to deal with. 

If you are a wise buyer/seller, you can enjoy both privileges conveniently from home by navigating with the right dealer website. Do you think I’m talking about coupon sites? No. I’m talking about bidding site. Auction – a place for buyer and seller.

I’ve come across some immature auction sites previously which I think are immaturely built. The appearance of a website always reflects the reputation and reliability. The more “equipped-looking” the website is, the more confident the buyer and seller will be. I have a good example to talk about this today – it’s the Raise Your Paddlez – click HERE to go to their official website.

I think this auction site is really good because it states at the very beginning on top of the page that, 
“this is a real online auction house, where buyers can shop for some of the best products at affordable pricing and sellers can grow their business. This is not a gaming site. A Paypal account or Major Credit Card/Debit Card/E-check will be necessary to Buy & Sell”.
A clear claim like this on the homepage is very direct and honest (my first impression). I really dislike sites that suddenly pop out with some payment details fill-up-form page when you are enjoying selecting the items that you want. I prefer everything stated clearly at the first place which I think Raise Your Paddlez has done a good job here.

The registration is simple. You need to become a member first before you can start to purchase and sell here. It works both ways which I think is awesome. People from all over the world can come to Raise Your Paddlez to experience one of the world’s most fun and low-cost live shopping experiences. 

Instead of always shopping via the coupon sites, sometimes you might get even cheaper stuff from these auction sites. It all depends on luck of course, sometimes if you are lucky enough not to have anybody to bid with, you get to win the item with the lowest price. Don’t be surprised if you are purchasing something really cheap here which you can never get from the standard price sold in coupon site.

The good thing about Raise Your Paddlez is that – it conducts live, online auctions, 24/7. Yes, it means any time, no matter where you come from. Don’t worry about the day and night time difference. This is the place where people come together to buy and sell across the world, in a wide variety of auction rooms.

This website is reliable for they claimed to have been sellers in most every auction site, bid site and online selling site out there. They have seen the greed that can destroy a prosperous site and all the “rules” and “fees” that can turn a seller’s profit into pennies. 

I very much agree with this – some sites are ridiculous with the implementation of a long list of rules (which, how many of you can remember, exactly) and charging the buyer expensively for the so-called fees. It’s not worth your time and money. 

Consider Raise Your Paddlez. They have implemented better business practices, less rules and considerably lower fees so that – okay this is the main thing which I want to highlight in this whole article – so that sellers can actually make a living and buyers can enjoy their purchases. It’s a win-win situation. 


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