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Monday, August 04, 2014

White Sauce (Cheddar Cheese) for Pasta

I'm writing another blog post in the same day - It's a pasta sauce which I think is very versatile and can be modified in many ways, depending on how creative you are in food making. So, here you go -

White Sauce (Cheddar Cheese) for Pasta 
I'm not even sure if this is the right name for this type of sauce. 
I named it after its colour.

Does it look good to you? 
It's pepperoni spaghetti by the way.

Non-stick pan (may not necessarily use a non-stick) 
Spoons (for measurement) 

1 chicken sausage 
1 small red onion 
3 - 4 garlic 
1 Chinese spoon of stripped Cheddar cheese 
1 tablespoon of normal flour 
1 Chinese spoon of butter 
4 Chinese spoons of whipping cream
3 Chinese spoons of water 
A pinch of salt 
Some Italian herbs (sprinkle) 

Pasta - I used spaghetti 

Chinese spoon - it's the kind of spoon which the Chinese use to drink soup 


I think the above puzzle pictures explain quite well about the making. So, I'm not gonna type. Basically, you can adjust the recipe by 
  • reducing the cheese (if you are not really so keen of strong cheese taste)
  • reducing/adding more water (depending on the consistency)
  • omitting the flour if you really can't find any (just play around with the water amount then)
  • cooking longer (if it's too watery; to let the sauce thicken) 
  • reducing/adding more salt (depending on your taste bud) 
Why I say it's versatile? You can add anything you like, really. Sausage can be substituted with any other kind of meat that you like. If you are using real chicken meat, please remember to marinate your meat. Otherwise, it may not taste that great - I think this applies to every real kind of meat - Referring to non-processed meat like the sausage/ham. 

If you don't like Cheddar, feel free to switch to other kinds of cheese. You can add more things in the sauce too - add mushroom slices if you like. Just play around with the ingredients. 

The main ingredient in making the sauce is the whipping cream. It is a must-ingredient in this recipe. Of course, you may have other substitute for this which I don't guarantee if it will work that well. Perhaps, milk will work too but I've not tried before. If you do, I'd be glad for you to tell me by writing under this post. 

Do remember to use only small fire - middle fire for cooking this. You don't want to over boil your whipping cream and create a mess of non-edible stuff. 

Happy cooking - 

You should achieve some kind of consistency like as in the picture. 
A little thick but not too thick until it can't get into the pasta. 

It should be just nice - 
to coat your pasta 

Enjoy the meal  
Pardon my fork 
It has a good coating of the sauce as well 
And the round Swiss roll behind is my dessert after meal 


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