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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fierce Simplicity


In the Western countries, wearing a bikini is really common especially during summer season. However in the Asian countries, not every woman dares to put on one and show their figures in public openly. Undeniable that the Asian countries women are still slightly more conservative, they are also timid in the sense that they have this mind concept in their heads: “I’m just too fat to wear bikini in front of people... it's super embarrassing”. Who knows this might happen to some women in the Western countries too, but maybe not as many as it will be in the Asian countries.

So, women out there, whether you are from the Western or Asian countries, listen up. Regardless of how your body looks like, it is okay (I mean REALLY OKAY) to wear bikini (even if you don’t have hot supermodel figure). All you need is just a little confidence in yourself and a suitable bikini that enhances your sexiness and hinders your imperfection. 

Lucky for you – I’ve discovered a really wonderful site that sells really awesome swimwear that I must introduce to you. It’s the Fierce Simplicity. Check out their website here: 

An example of bandit bikini - looks really sexy, uh?

Sometimes, the actual reason which makes you think you look ugly in the bikini is due to the bikini culprit you are wearing. It does not fit you well which results in either over-showing your fats or covering what you are proud to show to people. Most women tend to buy ready made swimsuits which have really limited choices and sizes to choose from. Every woman has an unique body shape and not every ordinary bikini will suite everyone. To overcome this, more varieties is the solution.

Fierce Simplicity is a women’s designer swimwear online store which offers awesome selection of sexy bikinis, monikinis, vintage high waist bikinis (their best sale product) and one piece swimsuits for all body types. Yes, I mean all body types, whether you are an apple shape or pear shape; the swimsuit is meant for you. Sounds great, isn’t it? Also, Fierce Simplicity has an extensive selection of plus size swimwear. Wow! Hooray for people who think they are too fat to get a swimwear that they can fit in. Now, you can get one from Fierce Simplicity! 

Wait a moment, do you know how monokinis look like? Here's an illustration: 

As mentioned earlier, their best selling product – the Lolita high waist bikini collection which you can find HERE – these bikinis have so many unique cuts, styles and vibrant patterns. Women always like varieties to choose from. Being so versatile, these bikinis can be worn at different locations: beach, pool, at family gatherings and even on dates. You really have to check out more on this product if you are planning to surprise your boyfriend or husband with an adorable and sexy bikini.

An example of how the awesome high waist bikini looks like.

Their swimsuits are very well recommended because they are designed by women’s designer swimwear who are really experienced and know what women are after for. They know how to tailor the garments just nice to fit most women’s bodies. They guarantee to have well fitting swimsuits and perfect fit with designs for full bottom coverage to micro bikinis and Brazilian bikinis for a cheeky fit. Also, the fabric used is stretchy and fits snug. In short, they have really great quality. 

By all means, they have high endurance in sand, chlorine, salt water and fade-free in the sun. With reasonable prices quoted and top notch quality, I believe the Fierce Simplicity is the perfect go-to if you are currently/going to haunt for a swimwear.  


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