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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Venus Factor


Losing weight to get a slim body that can fit in all the pretty outfits is and will always be all women’s common dream. It is undeniable unfair why some women just would not grow fat in spite of how much they eat. So, stop comparing with them and start thinking how to lose weight and have figures like them.

Diet is always the common method. Lately, the supplements method is very popular too but ask yourself, is it worth risking your life with supplements which you may not necessarily be sure that it is really 100% safe (even if they claim it to be safe)? Or maybe diet and exercise the most conventional method? This is the safest but toughest journey for someone to slim down.

If you are someone who has tried almost all different ways to slim down and still fail to do so, do not fret. Have you heard of Venus Factor? It is an amazing diet program that aims to help specifically women to shed down undesirable body fats. The time needed can be shockingly short but definitely healthy with no rebound weight gain issue after that. It will be a lifelong fat loss.

Do all these information sound too splendid to be true for you? Wondering how could it be healthily possible to reduce a few sizes in just a matter of weeks?

As true as it is written, this is possible with the right science knowledge applied in the program. The Venus Factor founder, John Barban is a recognized figure who is experienced being a lecturer, researcher as well as a trainer, has studied hard on the issue of why women gain weight much faster than men and why women seem to face more difficulties in losing weight. His motivation increased along with his worries for his sister, Lisa who was suffering from obesity at that time. In a nutshell, his studies deduced that the hormone that plays the role of regulating hormone to lose weight is Leptin and that is the culprit affecting weight loss or gain in human bodies.

To make this sound less biological, let us use a more layman term: metabolism rate. This hormone directly affects one’s metabolism rate and following that, it will affect one’s fat and muscle storage in the body. If your metabolism rate is high, you burn fats faster and thus you will be slim; otherwise it works the other way round. So, in the Venus Factor, it does not require you to limit your food choices and work out crazily in the gym but focus more on how to increase your metabolism rate.

Are you getting more and more curious about the Venus Factor’s secret? Go to their official webpage and start reading more details about it:


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