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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Newspaper Basket Weaving

I thought weaving is quite fun and useful as I can make something out from recycled items - magazines and newspapers. At first, I used magazines that I got monthly sent free to my home - those advertising magazines. They make sturdy rolls as compared to newspapers. Hence, I did not resort to newspapers as my first choice.

I chose magazines because of its toughness and glossy texture. 

The first magazine basket that I made. The edging is terrible. I had a tough time completing it as the tubes (not called rolls actually) kept falling off. I truly did not enjoy the process and hence was reluctant to continue the next project with the remaining magazine tubes. =( I just left them abandoned in the bag where I store them. The whole process was not enjoyable. 

The reasons; magazine tubes are:
  • too hard to bend 
  • the thickness used to roll the tubes was way too thick, causing the tubes to be really very strong (stronger than me; causing me to have difficulty in bending them)
After a while, I saw some interesting videos on how people make amazing stuff out of newspaper tubes. I should have watched these videos. However, it's okay. At least I know now, that magazine tubes are not advanced weavers. For beginners, it is still best to attempt something simpler so that the satisfaction can be achieved without much hurdles. That will be a form of motivation for the next project.

I am so enthusiastic after watching the videos by Elena, the weaver expert on Youtube. So I gave myself a second chance to try again. 

Gladly, I managed to get woven product done with more success as compared to the first attempt with magazine tubes. Though there are still rooms for improvement but I would say this is way better looking than the previous article. 

Here, take a look at the newspaper basket I made. It has a simple edging which I have no idea if I have done it correctly. The video taught by Elena is too fast to follow, especially when I don't feel comfortable listening to her English accent. So, I tried my best to watch and mimic what she did. 

Previously when making the magazine rolls, I rolled using 1 whole A4 paper to a tube. That is crazily thick. I thought that was right *pout*. I should have spend some time to research the video than trying to imagine what is thought as right by my common sense. lol. Then the second time, I tried using half an A4 paper. Still, it is thick. While using the newspaper, I used 1/4 of the newspaper (cut half). This time, the size is way better.

Also, I used the huge chopstick used in frying food earlier. That is too huge. I just thought it'd make things easier (ah, how ignorant I was towards those petty details in weaving). Then, I used satay sticks. Still, it is not thin enough. In making the newspaper tubes, I used 25cm knitting needle. Coincidentally, I have this knitting needle around. Now the thickness is way better as compared to the previous tubes made. 

Here they are - newspaper tubes. Slightly thinner than those magazine tubes made with 1/2 A4 paper and satay stick. This should be more ideal - 1/4 newspaper + 25cm knitting needle 

For the first time, I used to glue generously because I made the glue from corn starch. Then I realized, I actually didn't need that much to stick the edge of the tube. =/ Again, I was too ignorant back then and assumed what I thought to be right. Wrong move! 

I make this the first day when I finish rolling roughly 100 - 200 + of newspaper tubes. 

Ant then I thought of colouring them. I used poster paint a.k.a. watercolour I guess. The colour is obviously not concentrated enough. I just want to see how it works on newspaper tubes. As expected, dry and rough texture. =( 

I stopped the project for 2 days before I continued it again. I was busy preparing Mom's healthy juice. So, the next time when I continued it, it's time to lengthen the base tubes. They look like tarantula's legs after lengthened. =/ 

After continue weaving further up, the shape is more solid and therefore, here is the bowl shape basket formed. 

Basically, the completed weaving basket is still a little soft and not sturdy to allow you to put heavy stuff in it without damaging the shape. So, I am still in the mid of finding ways to stiffen it. I thought of applying a layer of glue on it. Of course, I'll be using my homemade cornstarch glue at that time to be economical. 

Then, maybe I'll try to varnish it with shellac. I am not sure if this is going to work properly but well, I just need to experiment with it. 

I started this project on 18 April 2015 - rolling the newspaper tubes. 
I completed weaving on 20 April 2015. 

I want to do a box next. The purpose of me leaving weaving is to make something to store my yarn. 


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