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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Charity App


Doing charity is good but it can be a kind of financial burden which is not necessary to some people. Although the amount of donation is usually up to the giver but still, it is money. It is hard not to think back after you have handed the money off from your wallet or purse. Somehow, a part of you will recall a what-if incident of not donating. Then you can probably enjoy spending on something else instead.

In spite of the good intention driven behind charity, it is a kind of generosity test for the giver in regard to money. Then you will start to think, how good it will be if charity can be done without having to fork out money yourself. Of course, there is no free meal in the world. Every fruitful result requires effort. Charity is not excluded too. However, instead of investing money, we can always invest time. Time is also something valuable that everyone has, whether you are rich or poor.

For those people who are keen to do charity but are under constraint budget, there is an alternative for you. Many of us own a smart phone. With the smart phone, we can actually do many useful things other than using it for communication and entertainment. For example, we can do charity via The Charity App.

As for now, this mobile app is only available for the Google Play Android users. Unfortunately, the MAC users are not included in the list. Android users can install this app and start doing charity there and then. It is so simple that you could hardly believe it is real. Yet, it is real.

All you need to do is just to watch advertisements played in the mobile app. Every each ad that you watch enables you to donate money for free to charities. It is an app development company oriented mobile app which aims to kill two birds with one stone. In a way, the advertisers get audience and traffic while on the other hand, the viewers get to do charity as well as exposure to different products through the advertisements.

Simply by watching advertisements, you are able to do charity. How cool is that? No money is coming out from your pocket. You just need to spend some time to watch and that’s it. Instead of giving in money, you are giving some time. Let the rich advertisers pay real money for charity. You just need to do your part as a viewer.

In fact, this way of doing charity is very much more recommended. You can always spare 5 minutes to do this daily. Imagine, how much money would you have donated over the time. The amount will be unexpected and most importantly, does not put on any burden to yourself. You can do this at anytime and anywhere.

Get the app today!  


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