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Friday, August 07, 2015

JACK KUDOS: Destined for Glory, A Mobile Game


Jack Kudos. It is a simple, direct and entertaining game, just like Mario. However, it has yet to become a real game that can be played by all because it needs some help from the public. BondsWell is throwing a Jack Kudos Mobile Game Crowdfunding Campaign to request the public to help make Jack Kudos not only a plan but a reality.

Check out this website if you are interested to know more about Jack Kudos: They have a nice video clip that clearly shows details about the game. You can have a sneak peak of how the game is going to be like and decide if you want to back this project for awesome rewards. Please spread the news and let your friends and family know so that the aim can be achieved sooner.

If you do not have time to watch the clip, let me summarize how the game works for you. Basically, Jack, the hippo will jump from platform to platform to collect various fruits. Each time he collects a strawberry, he earns a kudo; and thus Jack Kudos is born!

This game is well designed. It is family friendly because Jack Kudos brings back the simple joys in life, family and friends with lots of fun. Often in these busy days, all of us have forgotten how simple happiness can be simply by playing family game like this. It is a good way to make good bonds with your family and friends while discussing about the game together.

Not only that, the Jack Kudos game promotes good health. This is because Jack Kudos highlights the beauty and desire for fruits such as apple, bananas and strawberries. These common fruits can be found easily at most places. They have very high nutritional values. However, not everyone loves to eat fruits. This game subconsciously helps to remind these people the significance of eating fruits to create a healthy diet.

Next, this game focuses on positivity. How? Jack Kudos allows everyone to learn that positivity is within our reach and we just need to take action, whether it is changing our frame of mind or jumping or hopping to grab it. This is of course a figurative moral value that not everyone can decipher it properly. However, it is a good channel especially for people who are having down moments. Through playing this game, he or she might realize the hidden moral value in it.

Lastly, this game is not meant just for kids just because it is simple. Like Mario, adults enjoy it too. Jack Kudos was designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your age, tech know-how or location.


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