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Friday, November 06, 2015

LED Starry Light Strip


Christmas is around the corner. Everybody is getting ready ornaments and decorations to welcome this annual festival. How about you? Have you got all the things ready? Is your Christmas tree bright enough? A Christmas tree will look pretty with beautiful LED lights and if you haven’t got one, be sure to grab one from HSS LED Starry Light Strip. They are selling LED waterproof flexible multi changing colour starry light strip with durable 100 LEDs festival decorative.

If you have had bad experience with easily blown out LED lights then you should keep that thought away with HSS LED. They promise the quality of their goods with affordable prices for all. They strive to provide the best quality LED lights for their customers.  

You can purchase this from Amazon via this link: It is currently being sold at the price of $39.99 with free shipping if you are living in the United States. You can choose whether you want the one with 10 meters or 5 meters length, depending on how huge and tall your Christmas tree is. Obviously, if you have a bigger tree, you will need longer LED lights so that the whole tree can be lighten up.

The whole strip is made using high quality copper. Also, this long LED light strip is completely flexible and able to bend and twist in any way you like. It fits any decoration project actually, not restricted particularly to Christmas tree.

This product is unique because each light bulb from the 100 LED starry lights is multi-coloured, with RGB lights changing. With such property, it gives a fairy mood to the surrounding where you are having the lights. It is perfect for wedding building, bedroom, party, festival activities or even outdoor decorations. Do not be restricted; be creative with how you want to utilize these lights.

Another plus point about this LED light strip is that it is completely waterproof and durable. It can withstand long time usage and consume low power. It is manufactured in such a way that it emits low heat and it is safe to touch even after dozen of hours usage. Normally, those light bulbs will be burning hot when you leave them on for a couple of hours.

When you purchase this wonderful light strip, you will be given a complementary 5V adapter. It is designed to be low profile and easily hidden. Also, it is available for 100-240V input and 12V 2A output. It is suitable for large range of power supplies.

All in all, this light strip is a great purchase for anyone who wants to look for good quality lights. They are produced at CE&ROHS Standards. To recall back, they are safe to touch and energy efficient, have unique design, guaranteed for non-stop performance and on top of that, all lights are parallel connections. What else can you ask for from such cheap and yet high quality product? Bring one home today itself!  


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