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Sunday, November 15, 2015

OneUp 3D Printer Kit


Several 3D printing processes have been invented long since the late 1970s. However those printers were originally large, expensive and highly limited in what they could produce. Not many people could afford to own one at home due to its price and size. Unlike today, 3D printer is no longer something impossible to be kept as personal collection at home. Now, you can get one at a reasonably affordable price from Amazon.

The OneUp 3D Printer Kit is currently being sold on Amazon at the price of $199.99 each with additional $22.49 surcharge for shipping. It is owned by the Quinstessential Universal Building Device, Incorporation. The brand name is Q3D and its EAN is 0858650005001. Its UNSPSC code is 23261507 whereas UPC is 858650005001.

This printer weighs 9 pounds with dimensions: 4 x 4 x 5 inches. It is relatively light and small as compared to the olden days’ 3D printers. You can easily locate it at a corner on the desk since it does not really take up a big space.

Like how a 3D printer should perform, this printer works exactly the way it should be. You can get to print your own upgrades or creations. You may not be a scientist but it is definitely possible for you to build something based on a plan. You do not really ‘build’ it using the manual way but with a 3D printer, everything works easily and automatically on its own.

Of course, to use this printer, you will first need to connect it to your laptop. To do so, you will need a USB cable and just install the correct drivers and Repetier-Host. In the packaging, there will be a micro USB cable. So you will need a USB with a standard USB plug on one end for the laptop and a micro USB for the printer in the other end. Then, you are set to go venturing the fun of printing 3D items.

Verified Amazon buyers have reviewed that this 3D printer is one of the biggest steals out there. However due to its price, this printer has its pros and also cons as listed below:

  • Quality of the material is decently acceptable. The quality of the MDF is quite nice. The motors, board and extruder assembly are fairly simple. The termister works fine, extruder maintains an even temperature and the motors work consistently. Next, the manual that comes along with the printer is easy to follow because the instructions are clear and concise.

  • Some of the wires connecting to the stepper motors are too short and causes inconvenience for cable management. Next, the quality of the linear bearings seems fragile and not as solid as the other printer parts. You need to be careful not to get any balls falling out while you are assembling the printer. Following that, the printer is only supported on one side which results in whole printing gantry drooping to one side.


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